Zuri appoints regional distributor, unveils smartphones in East African market

Hong Kong-based mobile devices vendor Zuri has appointed DESPEC as a distribution partner for smartphones in East Africa. Under the terms of the deal, DESPEC will distribute Zuri products across three countries – Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

As a well-established and fast-growing technology distributor in East Africa, DESPEC provides Zuri with a unique opportunity to rapidly expand its channel reach within the markets covered by the agreement. The two companies will collaborate closely to increase consumer awareness of the Zuri brand throughout East Africa.

Vikash Shah, CEO at Zuri, stated: “East Africa represents a significant growth opportunity for Zuri, with demand for smartphones increasing across the region. We are confident that DESPEC will enable us to build strong routes-to-market across Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Zuri is fully committed to building its brand presence in East Africa and DESPEC is the perfect partner to help us achieve this.”

Initially, ZURI has launched 4 smartphone models – C41, C46, C52 and S56. The 4.0-inch C41 combines a 4” display with a quad core processor and 4GB Memory and is available in white or black. The C46 is a feature-packed 4.5-inch smartphone with quad core processor, 8GB memory and 8.0MP camera. The 5.0-inch C52 offers an elegant design with rubberised back finish, IPS Display, 8GB Memory and 8 MP Camera powered by a quad core processor.

Completing the line-up is the powerful S56 smartphone, offering a 5.5-inch display, octacore processor, HD IPS display, 16GB internal memory, 13.0MP camera and dual-SIM capabilities, running Android 5.1 Lollipop. Additionally, all devices support dual sim cards. Initially the launch packs also includes free 8GB memory card, screen protectors, and phone covers.

The phones come with 1-year warranty and are backed by an extensive after sales network.

Riyaz Jamal, CEO at DESPEC, commented: “We are pleased to add Zuri smartphones to our portfolio and believe the brand has a bright future in East Africa. Channel partners and consumers are looking for smartphone brands that stand out from the crowd. We believe the Zuri message, branding and image – coupled with the quality of the devices – will allow us to build strong sales across Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.”

The appointment of DESPEC represents the next step in Zuri’s ambitious international expansion plans. DESPEC provides Zuri with access to an extensive channel customer base spanning both reseller and retailer channels across East Africa. The two companies plan to work together on a series of marketing initiatives, branding exercises and social media campaigns in the coming months to build market awareness.

Vikash Shah continued: “Zuri aims to provide consumers with smarter, simpler and stronger ways to realise the full potential of the connected world. Our high quality designs and manufacturing excellence create products that offer a compelling price-performance proposition for users.”

“We look forward to working with operators, retailers and resellers in East Africa to explain the benefits that Zuri provides to consumers and the win-win business proposition for channel partners that align with our strategy,”Shah added.

Zuri designs, develops and manufactures smartphones, tablets and accessories.

Apart from Zuri, DESPEC is has distribution contracts for HP printers, Norton in East Africa and Samsung printers in Saudi Arabia.


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