ZTEsoft innovating to meet demands of MNOs, MVNOs and telco enterprises

ZTEsoft, a subsidiary of ZTE Corporation and a provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the Mobile Internet, today released its highlights from the MVNOs World Congress 2016 held in Amsterdam, Netherlands, from April 11-14. ZTEsoft shared its thoughts and vision of eSIM and how to provide the right customer experience.

The MVNOs World Congress draws together the world’s mobile virtual network operators (MVNO), service providers and top industry experts to examine the future prospects for MVNOs’ survival in the market and learn how to innovate in this hyper-connected digital world. This year, the event featured a series of new topics including eSIM technology and its impact on the MVNO markets.

In a panel discussion on eSIM technology and its impacts on MNOs in terms of business support systems (BSS) and operational support systems (OSS) as well as on manufacturing vendors for embedded devices, Muhammad Salman Sami, Chief Research Analyst, ZTEsoft, said: “eSIM technology has a great future especially in three areas: Split Consumers (Smart Cities), Internet of Things (IoT and M2M) and Enterprise MVNOs. In all these areas, ZTEsoft is already present and is maturing its systems according to the demands of the stake holders which can be the MNOs, MVNOs or Telco Enterprises.”

Customer experience and satisfaction is a hot topic for MVNO operations. Muhammad Salman Sami also delivered a presentation themed, “Steering Customer Experience by Ubiquitous Marketing Insights” at the conference to introduce how ZSmart solutions help MVNOs thrive and stay relevant.

“It’s really important to identify the right touch points for customers so that these can be improved and thus help MVNOs achieve the best customer experience. This is supported by the ZSmart Customer Experience Management System (CEMS) and the ZSmart Multi-Channel Campaign Management (MCCM) which help in sending the right campaign to the right person at right time and through the right channel. Customer satisfaction also impacts customer insight and complete network analysis along with point of sale terminal analysis,” concluded Muhammad Salman Sami.

The MVNO market continues to experience growth and ZTEsoft keeps providing comprehensive and mature solutions to help MVNOs stay competitive and improve customer experience for end users.


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