24k Gold Huawei P9 now available from Goldgenie, at $2,205

The latest Huawei P9 phone has taken the smartphone world by storm. The 24k Gold Huawei P9 from Goldgenie will get even a more formidable look with its 24K gold luxury version.

The Huawei P9 is the first smartphone co-engineered with the global iconic brand, Leica Camera AG. The P9’s dual-lens camera takes smartphone photography to the next level, allowing people to capture both vivid colours and striking black and white images.

Goldgenie has constantly been noted for being a pioneer in the world of customisation. The release of the Huawei P9 24k Gold phone will surely justify its standing as an innovator.

The Chinese consumers have really opened their hearts to the P9 and the standard variants have skyrocketed in sales especially in the home markets. This has subsequently created a high number of customer enquiries for a luxury version of the P9. The Gold Flagship product from Goldgenie is identified as the classiest fashion accessory that accentuates the classy and matured tastes of the people. The high qualitative standing and aesthetic appearance, are some of the factors that can be accounted for beyond such exceptional demand for the product in China as well as in the global market.


The product portfolio of Goldgenie comprises of innumerable products of daily usage as well as for personal and corporate gifts for the ungiftable. The speciality of the products from the company lies with its superlative quality, appealing design and most importantly, in the ability of the seller to customise the products as per request and budget of the buyers. At Goldgenie, buyers can get the widest category of bespoke Gold plated options created by our master craftsman.

The founder Laban Roomes said, “Our latest release, the 24k Gold Huawei P9, has been a massive hit with our Chinese clients as well as in the global market. Our order books have been filled with orders and enquiries received from customers. We not only handcraft the best devices on the market, but we improve on the aesthetic by enriching the look by customising them in 24k Gold and even Diamond (if requested) for our customers.”

Class-conscious and discerning consumers have to fork out 1,500 pounds (or US $ 2,205) in order to own the devices. Remember that the launch offer price of the normal (non-gold coated) Huawei P9 was US $ 459.

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