Telkom Kenya targets youth market with Kaduda 1 entry-level handset

Telkom Kenya has expanded its entry level handset line-up with the launch of Kaduda version 2.0 tomorrow, further lowering the entry barriers for first time mobile phone users.

An upgrade of the Kaduda 1, a bestseller entry level smartphone launched last year by the telco, the version 2.0 comes equipped with superior features in its category.

In what Telkom Kenya cites as a boon for many youthful consumers seeking affordable and innovative mobile options, the new version 2.0, priced at Kshs 1,099,  is a 2G Dual SIM handset powered by a 1800MHz Quad Core Processer, 4MB RAM and comes with a 1200 mAh battery with front and rear cameras.

According to Chief Corporate Communications Officer, George Mlaghui, the rapidity with which the youth are mastering new technology requires availability of entry level phones they can afford.

“We believe that with this generation, while first time smartphone buyers demand access to high technology, it is imperative we give them a good first time experience – in performance, connectivity, screen quality and battery life. They should be able to enjoy the same experiences as smartphone users,” says Mlaghui.

With disposable income in Kenya a fraction of levels seen in developed markets, notes Mlaghui, Kenyan consumers want to get the most value for money, making the Kaduda brand a leading contender in the growing ‘first phone’ category.

According to the latest Communications Authority (CA) sector quarterly analysis, mobile penetration hit 88 per cent with pre-paid mobile subscriptions reaching 36.8 million, building a case for entry-level phones.

Coupled with Internet and data growth due to the operator’s infrastructure investment, affordable Internet enabled devices have been attractive to first time users.

CA’s statistics in the last quarter records the number of Internet and data users growing to 35.5 million up from 31.9 in the last quarter, a penetration level of 82.6 per cent.

“Telkom Kenya has invested massive resources in as many as 40 counties via GSM coverage expansion to connect new first phone users to mobile telephony,” says Mlaghui.

Telkom Kenya’s recent introduction of affordable devices like, the Alcatel Pixi 3 and Microsoft Lumia 435 retailing at Kshs 5,499 and Kshs 8,499 with 1 month free Xcell bundles for both devices respectively, have reinforced the ongoing network expansion’s provision of quality, competitive devices for entry level and price-conscious customers.

According to a recent global research, by GSMA, the Global Mobile Economy 2015, increased affordability of devices will lead most of the growth in global smartphone adoption reaching 63 per cent by the end of the decade.

Telkom Kenya has demonstrated improvement in the last quarter under review gaining 0.8 percentage points to reach 12.4 per cent market share from the previous quarter’s performance of 11.8 per cent.

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