UPDATE: George Mlaghui says he’s not leaving Telkom Kenya for MTN Business Kenya

This weekend, we received info from a source that George Mlaghui (Chief Communication Officer at Telkom Kenya) was set to leave the telco for MTN Business Kenya.
We reached out to Mlaghui, via SMS, to confirm or deny the same but he’d not responded by the time we decided to publish the article this morning.
After the article was up on the site, Mlaghui – and his other colleagues at Telkom Kenya – then began making contact to find out the source of the info, stating that it was inaccurate and should be brought down.
Here’s the exchange between us and Mlaghui refuting our article which linked him to a move to MTN Business Kenya:
Hello Michael, I see your text now and worse still I see a story on me on your blog. That is inaccurate information; RE: My resignation. I have done no such thing. It would have been best for you to get in touch with the HR at both MTN and Telkom Kenya before filing such piece that has the potential of ruining someone’s reputation.
aptantech: George, but why would someone very credible and who knows you very well, say that if s/ he is not sure?
Michael, I will only say this one more time; I have not resigned. Whoever gave you that information clearly does not know me as well as they say. And I am extremely disturbed that you refuse to pick up my calls when as we speak my reputation is being misconstrued via your online platform. Please take that information down and rectify that statement. If not, I will be forced to take the necessary appropriate remedial action.
Below is the initial article: 

Telkom Kenya Orange is currently looking for a replacement for George Mlaghui, the firm’s Chief Corporate Communications Officer who is set to leave the telco for MTN Business.

According to sources, Telkom Kenya has already contracted two recruitment firms to help in identifying a suitable replacement to take over from Mlaghui who has been with the local Orange Group subsidiary from mid 2011.

(TOP: George Mlaghui, reported to be leaving Telckom Kenya-Orange for MTN Business Kenya).

The sources further stated the vacant position at Telkom Kenya won’t be advertised but just filled once a suitable candidate comes forth.

It’s however not clear which position Mlaghui is taking over at MTN Business Kenya.

Mlaghui took over his current role at Telkom Kenya in late 2013 following the resignation of Maureen Sande who left the firm to join then newly-formed PR outfit Red House Group as the MD of Media Edge PR.

Before to joining Telkom Kenya as Media Liaison officer, Mlaghui worked at Access Kenya and Aoex Porter Novelli (a PR firm).

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