Nailab introduces daily access charges, hikes monthly membership fees

Nailab has introduced daily access fees for use of the facility and increased its monthly rates effective June 1.

To use the space at the startup incubator, each person now has to pay a daily access fee of Kshs 500 or membership fee of Kshs 10,000 per month.

Previously, those using the facility negotiated various rates with the Nailab management, with some paying Kshs 15,000 per month for three workstations while others paid Kshs 25,000 for 7 workstations.

The use of Nailab comes with various benefits, the main ones being free internet as well as an opportunity to meet and network with other like-minded individuals with whom one can later form partnerships and collaborate on projects.

Nailab was established in 2010 as a startup incubator but officially launched a year later by Nailab Ltd in partnership with the crowdfunding platform 1%CLUB.

Among the startups that were incubated and have since graduated from Nailab are Ghafla!, Wezatele, Eneza Education, Ukall, CladLight and KejaHunt while current startups at the facility are HisPlay, Mode Mara, Ninja Prep, Taskwetu and Young Freddie Clothing.

Nailab has also secured a Kshs 160 million (US $1.6 million) Tech Incubation project from the Kenya government, the initiative of the Ministry of ICT through the World Bank. It is funded by the Kenya Transparency and Infrastructure Project which was spearheaded by the Kenya ICT Board (now renamed Kenya ICT Authority).


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