Synergy Innovations, GearBox to collaborate on future SILK mobile products

The Synergy Innovations Kenya Limited team is working on partnership with GearBox which will see the two organisations work together on future SILK mobile devices.

Yesterday, the SILK mobile team was at the GearBox and had the opportunity to meet the World Bank team which was visiting the facility, which is an iHub subsidiary, to see how it operates.

(TOP: Moktar Diop, World Bank’s director form Africa and Caribbean – left with back to camera – listens as Dick Ogada of SILK Mobile – right – explains some of the features of the smartphone at the GearBox in Nairobi).

Among those in the World Bank team paying the courtesy call to iHub and GearBox was Moktar Diop, former Country Director for Kenya and now the Bank’s VP for Africa.

“The World Bank team had come to see the workings at the iHub, and our purpose to be there was to develop an assembly plant in collaboration with Gearbox. We will be prototyping and moulding future SILK products at the Gearbox,” dislosed Michael Asola, COO, Synergy Innovations Kenya.

The SILK mobile brand, Kenya’s premier local smartphone, derives its name from the company’s initials – that is Synergy Innovations Kenya Limited (SILK).

Synergy Innovation’s inaugural handset, the SILK Patriot 55, has already been introduced into the market and is available at various sales outelets.

GearBox, founded by Dr Kamau Gachichi and Paul Birkelo, is a supportive ecosystem for hardware entrepreneurs and provides SMEs, startups and entrepreneurs access to tools more flexibly and without the usual constraints. It is meant to create a pipeline of inventors and invention-based businesses by removing the key constraints to developing innovative hardware products in Kenya.

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