MultiChoice, Asikhule Training Partners host 3-day workshop in Nairobi

MultiChoice through SuperSport and Mnet, Africa’s producers and broadcasters of television content, has partnered with South Africa’s Asikhule Training Partners to host Kenya’s first broadcast-audio workshop that will help standardize the quality of audio-visual content in the continent.

The workshop, which runs June 16 to 18 at SuperSport Studios in Nairobi, features renowned producer and sound engineer Keith Davies, one of the founding directors of Asikhule, and who has been involved in the creation of numerous award-winning shows including The Bill and Des O’Connor, Idols and the Voice as well as News and sports including the Epsom Derby.

(TOP: Keith Davies, founder and Director of Asikhule, and one of the trainers at the workshop. BELOW: Quinton Schmidt, Head of Operations).

According to MultiChoice East Africa Regional Director, Stephen Isaboke, the audio workshop is part of MultiChoice’s corporate social investment initiatives in Kenya and is expected to further cement the company’s position as the leader in the video entertainment sector.


“MultiChoice is proud to be sharing knowledge from its experts to improve local skill and talent. This seminar is aimed at equipping Kenyan sound producers and engineers with knowledge about the international R128 standards in sound production which are now being adopted across the African continent. The knowledge of these is important to help local producers come up with content they can sell in international markets,” said Isaboke.

“Asikhule has – in close consultation with South Africa’s broadcasters and standards organisations – helped many suppliers of content in South Africa make a success of R128. Those suppliers who have made the transition to properly-produced R128 audio have discovered that it increases their ability to successfully market their content not only locally but, where appropriate, to the international market too. And at all budget levels the quality improvement is noticeable to the viewer – sometimes dramatically so,” said Keith Davies, Founder and Director of Asikhule.

The R128 standards were adopted in Europe in August 2011. The standards present a set of rules regarding loudness normalisation and permitted maximum level of audio signals during broadcast. The rules were adopted as a response to viewers’ complaint about sudden changes in loudness while watching programmes, adverts, trailers or when switching from channel to channel.

“Kenyan sound producers and engineers are yet to normalize their productions with these international standards as the quality of sound in commercials, TV programmes and music among others keeps varying according to the production company engaged. South Africa has undergone a R128 journey over the last few years and this will be showcased as a case study for the Kenyan participants. The training will cover all aspects of audio from capturing your original material all the way through to content delivery based on the new international standards,” added Mr. Isaboke.

Hundreds of sound producers from TV, radio and other private production companies will take part in the one-day workshop.

Apart from the audio workshop for the sound engineers and producers, MultiChoice Kenya carries numerous other corporate social investment programmes. For example, MultiChoice Resource Center (MRC) initiatives, where the company donates DStv kits and installs educations channels in secondary schools, aimed at empowering teachers and students with skills in information and communication technologies through visual learning. The MRC programme is currently being implemented in over 180 secondary schools and learning institutions in Kenya.


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