LG’s new drive for healthy living through technology 

Today, technology plays a central role to accessibility of almost every facet of our modern lifestyle. While technology is the root of some profound instances of disconnection between people, it’s worth noting that many positive forms of interaction have also stemmed from technological innovations – particularly consumer focused solutions that apply the latest innovation to real- world health problems.

More and more people are increasingly starting to soak up technological innovations and approaches to solving health issues. From home appliances to wearable’s, Healthcare technology advancements has greatly benefited the society, giving them the tools to create lasting health- boosting change. It’s in this backdrop that LG Electronics has developed numerous products designed to enable a tech –powered health care and present a creative new tailored solutions to increase the health benefits of technological innovations.

LG’s Advanced Twin Wash is a good example. It allows users to simultaneously wash multiple loads with differing settings. This allows those who are allergic to strong detergent to wash their clothes in the same washer used by the rest of the household. LG Styler is also another household appliance that promotes health in the house by use of steam power to thoroughly eliminate any traces of bacteria especially for children clothes. While considering food safety is of utmost importance when ensuring health in the home, LG’s kitchen appliances are made to meet the health standards both in food storage and cooking.

LGs door-in –door refrigerator is designed with a special emphasis on keeping the users food safer and their kitchen more organized hence posing fewer chances for health hazards. The LG microwave boasts several features which lock in nutrients, helping users prepare healthier dishes. LG microwave also uses linear power control to evenly cook or defrost food all the way through. To reduce the threat of mosquito borne diseases, LG has developed impressive ultrasonic wave technology, a safe and effective non- toxic technology method for repelling mosquitoes.

This technology is featured prominently on LG’s air conditioners where the AC when active repels and prevents mosquitoes from entering he room with its ultrasonic technology. Attesting to the effectiveness and excellence of LG world-leading health technology, The G watch Urbane 2nd edition raises the bar on LG’s fitness tracking technology. The G watch Urbane is equipped with a heart rate monitor and a variety of sporty features. In addition to measuring the total calories burned, the smart watch catalogs daily activities to help users chart progress over time. And last but not least, LGs robotic vacuum technology – the Home- Bot Turbo+ goes a long way toward improving both cleanliness and respiratory health.

While the Home- Bot –Turbo+ is more than capable of unsupervised cleaning, users can direct it to concentrate on certain areas by use of a smartphone-compatible augmented reality interface. The vacuum also uses several cameras to document the areas which it has cleaned. LG’s latest innovation in their use of technology for tackling today’s most pressing health issues is clearly a sigh of relief for accessibility to healthcare technology through health -friendly products

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