New system to update mobile money payments for 5 African airlines

Online and mobile payments provider, 3G Direct Pay Group (3GDP), has partnered with cloud reservation system, AeroCRS, to launch an advanced mobile money solution that enables airlines in five African countries to accept payment for reservation and issue tickets real-time.

The new solution directly connects mobile money wallets to the airline reservation system,  enabling e-tickets to be issued as soon as a customer makes the payment.  Before the introduction of this solution, airlines had to reconcile mobile money payments manually before updating them manually into the reservation system. So far, more than ten airlines in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda have signed up for the service.

Eran Feinstein, MD, GDP,  said that the solution not only enables airlines to operate more efficiently through the automatic updating of mobile money payments into the reservation system, but also reduces waiting time for their clients who purchase tickets.  The solution does not require any special integration from the airline; besides being based on 3GDP’s PCI DSS Level 1 payments platform that is safe and secure.

“The rapid growth of mobile money has led to its wide adoption as a mode of payment,” added Eran Feinstein.  “This solution enables airlines and their clients who make reservations to effectively use their mobile money wallets for transactions.  It continues our mission as a company to give freedom to everyone to pay and be paid anywhere anytime by any modes of payments.”

The mobile wallets that can be used for the solution include: M-PESA and Airtel Money in Kenya; M-PESA, Tigo-Pesa and Airtel Money in Tanzania; as well as MTN Money in Zambia, Rwanda and Uganda.  However, the situation can be used for multi-currency payments, allowing for cross-network payments.

According to Mr Feinstein, plans are underway to enhance the system by adding more mobile money options from more countries across Africa.

The 3G Direct Pay Group provides online merchant services to thousands of travel related and other businesses, focusing on Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Zanzibar, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Namibia & Ethiopia, accepting all major credit cards, mobile money and e-wallets.

AeroCRS provides an online reservation and operation system for small-medium size airlines, offering reservation system (B2B and B2C), CRM, operation, DCS, website with full content management system, BI dashboard & reporting center, open API, connectivity with distribution channels and more.

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