Warrior Insight launches new security system for Kenya’s businesses

Risk management experts Warrior Insight announce the launch of their latest product RS24, a security system created specifically for the Kenyan market using a combination of 24-hour smart cameras, virtual trip wires, and voice intervention technologies to counter rising industrial and business crime rates.

RS24 is designed to replace current security measures such as manned guarding, electric fencing, intruder alarms and guard dogs with a combination of advanced video analytics software, monitored around the clock by Warrior Insight’s Command and Control Centre, plus real-time audio intervention, promising to detect and intercept criminals to stop them before they have a chance to commit a crime.

Adam Miller, CEO, Warrior Insight Kenya commented: “RS24 is based on the latest international security technologies available, and its specifically designed to prevent crime before it happens. It’s very similar to systems that are currently used around the world to protect nuclear facilities, airports and government buildings, so we’re pleased to be able to offer this specially tailored product to local Kenyan businesses. RS24 is the first security system of its kind in East Africa.”

He added: “RS24 is a win-win for any business owner because there is no capital expenditure required to switch, and it’s cheaper for most businesses than their current system. Crime levels have increased and criminals are more sophisticated, so RS24 not only offers a much better 21st Century solution, it also saves you money.”

RS24 was developed following a Research Solutions Africa survey in 2015, conducted in collaboration with Warrior Insight, which showed that more than three-quarters of the local business owners surveyed had seen a deterioration of general security in Kenya over the past two years including increases in terror threats, cybercrime, mobile scams, and employee fraud. 90 per cent of respondents saw a rise in theft in particular as a major issue for their businesses, and were looking for alternative security solutions to combat the rise in crime levels.

Launched in 2016 by Warrior Insight, RS24 is a revolutionary new security solution for businesses in Kenya, designed to stop criminals in their tracks by using a combination of advanced video analytics software, monitored by Warrior Insight’s Command and Control Centre, and real-time audio intervention, to detect and prevent potential crimes before they happen. RS24 requires zero capital expenditure and most local businesses are guaranteed to save money on their current security operating costs in Kenya by switching to RS24.

RS24 uses the same security technology that is currently used to protect some of the world’s most critical installations such as nuclear power stations, military sites and commercial airports, and operates to published International Standards (BS7958), reducing clients’ reliance on outmoded and potentially corruptible security measures of the past, such as manned guarding, electric fencing, intruder alarms and guard dogs.

Based in Kenya, Warrior Insight is a specialised risk management company and subsidiary of Warrior Security International, which has 10 years’ experience in providing bespoke and highly professional security services to clients across Africa; including complex environments such as DRC, South Sudan, Zambia and Tanzania.


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