The key role of Aleda to success of Orange Money transfers to Africa

Aleda, a French company specialising in paperless payment solutions and money transfers, has established itself as a key player in the sector with the recent launch of Orange Money. The Orange Money mobile payment solution launched in France on June 15 thanks to the expertise of both Orange and Aleda, the first distributor to deploy this service in France. It will enable Orange users to transfer funds via their mobile phone to family and friends in the Ivory Coast, Mali and Senegal as well as mainland France.

As Orange’s wholesale partner for the distribution of pre-paid telephone offers, Aleda provides various value-added services. It offers its comprehensive network of outlets, firmly established at the heart of communities, which were vital in launching the Orange Money service. Aleda provided approximately 4,000 independent close-to-the-customer points of sale for paperless transactions such as mobile top-ups, electronic money codes or money transfer.As the leading telephone services wholesaler in France authorised by operators to sell pre-paid packages on its website, Aleda has great expertise in the digital world.

Pascal Roudier, CEO, Aleda Group, explains: “The technological innovations developed by our teams have been an accelerating factor in implementing Orange Money in France.    Our Sepia app for tablets and smartphones allows users to be identified, while our dedicated apps enable the required level of transaction management.”

The network was launched via a pilot run in July 2015, when the first Orange Money store fitted with technical solutions developed and managed by Aleda opened in Avenue de St Ouen in Paris. Aleda has gone on to launch this service in over forty outlets across France.  But as Daniel Frent, Associate Director for the Group, explains, the size of Aleda’s own network means “this is only the beginning. Our network of independent outlets will make this new service increasingly accessible to those who want to top up their Orange Money account in France.”

Aleda was incorporated in 2005 and in just a few years has become the leading distributor of pre-paid services, electronic money and money transfers in France. With over 90 employees, Aleda has a cash flow of 260 million euros each year. Aleda provides dedicated cash collection and management services (Kapséo tills, Lynx, TPE and website solutions) within a network of multiple independent points of sale such as tobacconists, newsagents, telephone shops and food retailers.

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