Michael Dabaly is Zuku’s new head of PR, Sales and Marketing

Michael Dabaly has been appointed the new Sales Marketing and Corporate Communications Director for Wananchi Group’s Zuku brand. In his new role, Dabaly will oversee Cable Sales, Marketing and Corporate Communications across Wananchi Group Cable operations and also be responsible for introducing Fiber services across the East African region and beyond.

He also takes over the Corporate Communications functions at the Group, a role which previously fell under Kathleen Openda as the firm’s Head of Corporate Affairs from mid September last year.

Dabaly has a wealth of experience earned within major telecommunication companies and multinational entities including, British American Tobacco, R J Reynolds East & Southern Africa. He previously worked at Zain Group in Amsterdam and later in the Middle East where he was Group Commercial Director covering 22 operations across Middle East and Africa.

Until his appointment, Dabaly was the Head of Marketing at Smile Communications in Tanzania for 1 year.

He is an alumni of London Business School from which he holds a certification in Advanced Management. He also holds a Bachelors of Commerce honours degree.

Wananchi Group offers a Triple Play service that includes broadband, multi-channel digital television and voice telephony. The Zuku barnd is present in five African countries namely Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi and Zambia. The company is a major player across East and Southern Africa with investments of over (US$ 410 million). Zuku TV has over 150 channels on the Zuku Satellite platform which are developed to resonate with local audiences.


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