Kenya’s Leroy Mwasaru to pitch at 2016 Harvard Igniting Innovation Summit

Leroy Mwasaru, a secondary school student at Maseno School in Western Kenya, has been selected as one of this year’s 2016 Harvard Igniting Innovation Summit Global Trailblazers.

Mwasaru’s startup, Greenpact, works around clean-energy production, by turning  human waste – via a bioreactor – into energy, an idea which he mooted when the new dormitory at his  school (Maseno) could not efficiently process the amount of sewage being created.

(TOP: Leroy Mwasaru of Greenpact poses for a congratulatory photo with Rosemary Odinga after he was announced as one this year’s Global Trailblazers who will present their innovations at Havard University’s Igniting Innovation Summit).

“Today one of us, Leroy Mwasaru woke up to some really great news. Leroy has been selected as one of this year’s 2016 Harvard Igniting Innovation Summit Global Trailblazers!! A big thank you to all of you who voted for him to make this possible. Ahsante, tena sana!”, Mwasaru posted on Greenpact’s Facebook page.  

“…We were incredibly impressed by your application and interview, and your ability to dream and do on such a large scale. You have demonstrated such an unparalleled level of determination in executing your project, and we are so proud of you! We were especially impressed by the level of professionalism and maturity you showed in developing your project. Your idea has amazing potential in Kenya and beyond. We are confident that you will amaze all of the participants at this year’s Igniting Innovation Summit, and we are committed to supporting you through (and after) this process…” -Part of the final decision email from Village to Raise a Child – VTRAC. We wish him good luck as he represents Kenya and Africa at large at Harvard University.”

Following his selection after an online voting process – which saw Mwasaru shoot and post videos with former PM Raila Odinga and his daughter Rosemary Odinga urging the public to go online and vote for him and his innovation – which has since been closed and finalists announced, Mwasaru will now present (pitch) his ‘poop to power’ innovation at Igniting Innovation Summit.

Mwasaru was nominated and selected as part of this year’s Village to Raise a Child, a program of the Harvard Social Innovation Collaborative (SIC) that identifies and nurtures 5 young entrepreneurs from around the world each year. The 5 students – also called “Global Trailblazers” – are invited to Harvard University to attend and present their ideas at the annual Igniting Innovation Summit, giving them the tools, skills and resources they need to execute their community-based projects.



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