Ericsson takes up lead sponsorship of AHUB at AfricaCom 2016

As Africa intensifies its role as a leader in ICT, Ericsson continues to stimulate creativity, showcase talent and enable networking opportunities for tech entrepreneurs in Africa by powering the second edition of the AHUB at AfricaCom open in parallel with the AfricaCom conference.

The 3-day conference will take place from November 15- 17, 2016 in Cape Town, one of South Africa’s fastest growing metros. It is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to take their startups to the next level and for investors to make a meaningful contribution towards economic development.

This initiative extends Ericsson’s commitment to driving the Networked Society in Africa through innovation by showcasing talent from around the continent. Entrepreneurs will have an opportunity to share ideas and scale up their business opportunities while venture capitalists can identify new innovations in the technology landscape.

Delegates can look forward to inspiring speakers from across the sector, connect with industry experts, visit one of the many investor clinics, partake in discussions or arrange informal meetings through the AHUB app.

Tumi Chamayou, Vice President for Strategy and Marketing, Ericsson sub-Saharan Africa, says: “The technology industry has and will continue to play a part in the African continent’s economic transformation. Last year’s AHUB sought to fill the gap that exists between innovation and funding. We are committed to encouraging innovation and promoting ICT as a positive change enabler in our work places, schools and homes”.

According to the 2016 Ericsson Mobility Report, mobile broadband subscription growth is expected to increase four- fold in the Middle East and Africa due to a young and growing population, rising GDP and smartphone uptake. So while tech startups struggle to monetize their business in the early stages, the Ericsson AHUB will help create a platform to help tech-startups present their solutions to a range of investors.

Innovative companies grow where there are ecosystems in place, as this is what most guarantees a return on investment. Through the innovation station, Ericsson is playing a part in creating an environment conducive to innovation that will address specific African challenges.

The opportunities for developers, tech leaders and investors are abundant and this is a clear step towards bridging Africa’s digital divide.


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