With new CEO, iHub to relocate to new premises

After operating at the Bishop Magua Centre along Nairobi’s Ngong Road since it was founded in 2010, iHub is finally set to relocate to new office premises, with a notice cancelling the current lease already forwarded to the landlord.

The iHUB premises acts as a co-working space for tech innovators and also hosts the organisation’s other affiliates including iHub Research, m:lab East Africa, iHub UX Lab, iHub Consulting as well as partner events.

However, almost 7 years after operating from the same facility, iHub has announced its intention to change the office address.

In a recent blog post, iHub’s new CEO Kamal Bhattacharya stated that the goal is to move iHub into a new location by the end of 2016.

“On a related note, we have sent our cancellation notice to our current landlords. Our goal is to move the iHub into a new location by the end of the year. We believe that this is necessary for many reasons. I’ve requested a meeting with members of the folks who are right now sharing this building with us and am also inviting feedback from all of you. I want to make sure we don’t break things, but the team and I feel that it is the right time for us to move to a new place,” stated Bhattacharya.

Apart from iHub and its affiliates, other organisations with sharing the same Bishop Magua facility with the iHub include Nailab (which also co-hosts the Bloggers Association of Kenya – BAKE), Ushahidi, BRCK as well as various Nailab-incubated startups like m3route among others.

Moving the iHub to new premises seems to be part of Bhattacharya’s iHub 2.0 strategy which is based on three keywords, that is Connect, Build, Invent.

“Connect is about connecting people and organizations to drive value in the eco-system. Build is about helping our clients to develop solutions. Invent is about taking the lead in creating solutions that solve regional problems in novel ways… Connect is integral to who we are and we need to strengthen our approach. Our goal is to connect organizations dedicated to investing into our community with the community…” he added.

Bhattacharya is the first person to hold the CEO role at iHUB. Prior to this, the organisation was led by Josiah Mugambi (the executive director) assisted by other board members – including co-founder Erik Hersman, who has since assumed a more active and day-to-day role at BRCK.

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