Central Bank of Kenya marks 50-year anniversary with redesigned website

The Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) has redesigned its website as part of its 50th anniversary celebrations. The reworked portal retains crucial features from the old template, but includes several additions that make it easy to navigate and access while focusing on simplicity and clarity.

“The new website has been re-designed to allow for a creative and functional user experience, drawing from feedback on user/stakeholder expectations. The website is also more interactive and has an improved overall look and feel using modern aesthetics. In the re-design, CBK has taken into account the fact that websites have effectively become the default access tools from which individuals can obtain relevant information about an institution. CBK is therefore keen to make use of this digital channel to enable diverse stakeholders access information in an intuitive and seamless manner,” noted CBK in s statement issued  as part of its #CBKat50 anniverssary.

Unlike the previous design that had a lot of material and features and homepage and sometimes even difficult when one needed to get information quickly, the new design has reduced this, only retaining what can be considered the most key features and info on the homepage – among these being Key CBK Indicative Exchange Rates (but only for the US Dollar, British Pound and Euro. For other currencies, one has to click on this section to be led to another page) and  Key Rates (Central Bank Rate, Inter-Bank Rate,  CBK Discount Window, 91-Day T-Bill, REPO then Inflation, Lending, Savings and Deposit Rate and finally, the KBRR (the Kenya Bankers Reference Rate).

The website has the following sections on the homepage – AboutCore Functions;  Invest;  Publications; Statistics and News.

To help users with how to utilise the portal, CBK has also included a Navigation Guide on the homepage.

The CBK was established in 1966 after the dissolution of East African Currency Board (EACB).



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