Ethiopia to host 5th Sci-GaIA workshop in November

The 5th Sci-GaIA thematic workshop is set to take place on November, 2, 2016 at the Ministry of Education, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with a focus on “Open Science for Research without Frontiers”

The Ethiopian Education and Research Network (EthERNet) is the bridge for Ethiopian universities to the international research gateway. Open Science will pool researchers, lecturers and students from all continents and will open the floor for intercultural and interdisciplinary research at all levels by using data, repositories and computational infrastructure as means to explore databases from different angles, to discuss ideas, to innovate processes, products and technologies jointly.

Solutions for technical requirements are found by engineers in sophisticated ways. The European Commission sees the European Open Science Cloud as the source of innovation but has concerns that due to a “lack of data workers” the cloud cannot be used as intended. New professions need be created to bridge the activities between engineers with scientists but also to provide understanding between the cultures and the disciplines.

However, the starting point for Research without Frontiers is the access to the e-infrastructure. Open Science is considered as the gateway to Research without Frontiers and will mould into cultural understanding as well as habits and attitudes of different disciplines. For sure, the outcome of Research without Frontiers is already in the minds of visionaries and politicians but not enough defined at this point to challenge the discussion.

The workshop is aimed at motivating researchers to start the discussion about the Research without Frontiers and to bring a mission to the vision by exploring the available e-infrastructure and the gateway to Open Science.

How to adopt the Open Science paradigm in building and sharing data bases, digital repositories and e-libraries is the immediate question of this workshop, which targets researchers and lecturers from all disciplines, librarians, ICT operators and supporters, data scientists as well as policy and decision makers.

The workshop will be held in the Hall of the Ministry of Education new building.

Registration form and and other event details are available on the event website.


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