Huawei Kenya, Southwell Solutions unveil Live Baze mobile streaming app

Southwell Solutions Africa, in collaboration with Huawei Technologies Kenya, have launched the Live Baze app, a live video interactive platform offering live interaction to artists and game players providing them with the opportunity to engage and share their talents and sneak peak of their daily activities with the world at large. The mobile application allows the users to interact via public, private and voice chats.

The App whose main  target market is the youth can also be used for e-learning, teleconferencing, live games and as well as bring together persons with similar interests to share on  topics they are passionate about such as travel, photography ,cooking among others.

The Live Baze app was unveiled recently during the Kenya China Culture Exchange festival which brought together members from different sectors with an aim of  sharing insights, development trends and global success stories on mobile innovations that will drive Kenya’s ICT transformation.

As the world around becomes more digitized and more mobile driven by the increase in smartphone penetration, Kenya is not being left behind, with industry stats indicating that the currently has over 8 million smartphone users.

Southwell and Huawei see this  as an opportunity to impact Kenya’s tourism sector, education sector and infotainment industry by creating video experiences that allow users to market the country globally, cascade information and learning to every corner of our country as well as creating an additional revenue line for the much talented Kenyan youth.

In the spirit of sharing experiences, Huawei is committed to seeking innovations that have impacted the Chinese markets, repackaging them and introducing them to the Kenya market with the aim of creating Kenyan success stories.

“It is with this same spirit that we will be launching a video streaming solution that we not only hope will spur an uptake on the use of video communication to fill the ICT infrastructures that have already been laid down by many players in the communication sector but shall also influence some of our Chinese counterparts back in China to come experience the beauties that this great country has to offer as we will broadcast some of Kenya’s tourist sites live to over  200 Million potential viewers” said Huawei CEO Dean Yu.

Live Baze, downloadable for free from Google Playstore, allows the user to “watch the best rising stars for free and show off your own talent” thereby providing artistes with a platform to earn money and make fans worldwide while also being “seen anytime, anywhere doing what they love.”

The app features exclusive content targeted at the youth including: daily live celebrity chats, rising young singers, behind-the-scenes at events and concerts, hot live dancers and best gamers.

Since it went live on September 27, the 26MB-sized Live Baze app has registered about 5,000 downloads.

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