Microsoft to release report on how technology is helping NGOs

As part of its modern NGO campaign to empower non-profits through Microsoft tools and services, Microsoft conducted a survey to establish how technology is helping NGOs in your region.
Following the conclusion of the survey, Microsoft will release survey results tomorrow in Nairobi.
(TOP: Kunle Awosika, Microsoft Kenya Country Manager who will give the keynote address during the release of the survey results).
During the session, at Pride Inn Hotel in Westlands, attendees will hear first-hand:
How digital transformation is helping NGO’s become more efficient and save money.
What challenges and constraints are faced by NGO’s when implementing solutions
What programmes and tools helping improve operations, increase efficiency and savcosts
What accomplishments have been achieved so far
Additionally, Kunle Awosika, Country Manager, Microsoft Kenya, will give the keynote address and also explain how
Microsoft is helping NGOs achieve their objectives through smart computing.
Attendees will also have the opportunity to meet NGO representatives who will explain how technology has improved the way they operate.
The survey results willbe released at at time when non-profits are increasingly trying to solve the world’s greatest problems on shoestring budgets. For many NGO’s saving time and money also means saving lives while having the right technology to process a deluge of data and transition to the cloud is vital for survival of the modern NGO in today’s mobilefirst, cloud-first world.
Below are additional event details:
When: Thursday, October 13, 2016 |
Where: Pride Inn Hotel, Westlands Road, Westlands |
Time: 8:00am


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