StarTimes’ Basic bouquet subscribers can now access NatGeo Wild

In a previous post, we informed you that from the beginning of October, StarTimes Kenya had as part of its continuous efforts to provide subscribers with the best in entertainment and value for money added three new channels to the Basic bouquet.

And we covered Fox Life, the home of soaps and series.

Moving on, the second channel (in no particular order) which has been introduced to the Basic Bouquet is NatGeo Wild, which focuses mainly on content related with domestic animals and wildlife and their natural history now available on channel 221. The Basic bouquet costs Kshs 599 per month in subscription fees.

Among the programmes to watch on the NatGeo Wild channel are “The Wild Side of Cats” for those who are keen to learn more about cats and “Moody Beasts” which enables the viewer to explore teen terrors including when animals become “teenagers” and begin to venture into the real world, confronting challenges they are hardly prepared for.

Nat Geo WILD (also abbreviated as NGW) is a sister network to National Geographic Channel produced jointly by the National Geographic Society and Fox Cable Networks, an affiliate of Fox Broadcasting Company which launched Fox Life.

StarTimes Kenya is part of China’s StarTimes, a leading digital television operator serving more than 1.5 million households while providing access to over 80 local and international digital television channels consisting of news, documentaries, sports, movies, series, children’s programs and religion among others.


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