Here’s an app to help you convert PDF files into Excel docs

Cometdocs, the online document management firm, has released a new mobile app, PDF to Excel, which enables users to convert PDF tables into Excel spreadsheets.

The app, available for download from Google Playstore, enables the user to reuse or edit PDF stats and data in Microsoft Excel. The app also converts scanned PDF files.

To use the app or convert a file to Excel, click on the + button to add a file for conversion after which the file is then automatically sent to Cometdocs’ servers for conversion. Afterwards, the file is downloaded once the conversion is complete.

Remember the process of conversion is not being performed on the user’s device so PDF to Excel converter will not burden the phone’s or tablet’s resources or drain its battery.

The app can be downloaded and used for free even though with the free version, conversion of files takes about 1 hour.

But with the premium version, which costs US $0.96 (around Kshs 100), conversions are completed within seconds.

Some of the benefits of using the PDF to Excel app to convert documents are that it gives excellent conversion quality; rows and columns are recognized perfectly, thereby doing away with the need for further editing. There are also no limits on file size or number of converted files, the document is in .xlsx format and is optimized for fast viewing and immediate analysis. Foe those worried or concerned about the security of their data, the converted is deleted from Cometdocs servers immediately the conversion is completed.

The iOS version is available on iTunes under the name ‘Image to Excel Convertor’.

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