Airtel Kenya staff offer career mentorship to Mukuru youth

Over 70 students at the St Michael Secondary school which forms part of the Mukuru Promotion Centre, Nairobi, last Friday had the chance to interact with Airtel staff as part of the company’s Mentorship program. The form one students got to ask questions on careers and social issues which the Airtel staff were delighted to answer and offer insightful information to help the students better define their career paths as well as enhance their skills that will help them become better citizens.

Launched in October 2014, the Airtel Mentorship Program was started with the aim of encouraging and supporting children on their education journey and to help them become better people in the society by offering personal experiences of success and guidance on how to choose careers that they are passionate about. So far, Airtel employees have mentored students at Jesus Love Ministry in Eldoret, Good Samaritan Orphans and destitute Centre, Mukuru Promotion Centre – St. Bakhita Primary School and Mogra Star Academy.

(TOP: Airtrel Kenya staff and Mukuru Promotion Centre students and staff pose with a dummy cheque after a previous donation. Below: The students at St Michael Secondary and Airtel staff during the mentorship program that seeks to offer insightful information to help the students identify their career paths as well as enhance their skills which will help them become better citizens).

Mukuru Promotion Centre is incorporated as a Charitable Trust that started operations in 1985 as a collaborative effort between the Sisters of Mercy, and the Missionaries of Africa in Our lady Queen of Peace Parish, Nairobi South B. The Centre in conjunction with the Mukuru community aims to establish and operate a holistic and sustainable health, educational and social development program which addresses the basic needs of the most vulnerable in the community.  The Centre is located near the Mukuru slum which is home to over 600,000 people who live in abject poverty with a majority of the population being uneducated and jobless.


Speaking during the mentorship program, Gilbert Njeru the school principal expressed his gratitude at the support offered by the Airtel staff.

“As a school, we are very happy that Airtel staff took time off their work schedule to come and interact with our students. This gesture will go a long way in encouraging the students to perform better in their academics as well as give them hope to pursue careers that will help them improve life in their communities,” he said.

Airtel Kenya’s CSR Manager Aigelgel Murbe (in white t-shirt), engages with the students.

In a statement, Airtel’s CEO, Adil El Youssefi lauded the staff’s commitment to offering mentorship to the students as is embodied in the Airtel Spirit which encourages staff to engage in sustainable community development initiatives that create lasting impact on life beyond monetary support.

“As Airtel we have greatly invested in community capacity building through the Airtel Spirit which focuses on empowering, enabling and unlocking the potential of future generations to succeed and create wealth – social, financial and health,” Adil said.

The Airtel Mentorship program not only aims to prepare children for their next phase of life, but it also strives to help them to succeed by offering insightful knowledge and life skills that will in turn cause the students to aspire to be better citizens. Airtel employees have committed to continue to offer their time and efforts to impact the lives of the youth at deserving institutions such as St. Michael Secondary school which strives to offer education to the less privileged in the society.

Currently the Mukuru Promotion Centre runs various projects including four primary schools for over 5,000 children, a secondary school, a rehabilitation centre for up to 60 street boys, a medical clinic with a HIV/AIDS testing centre attached, a community based health care program, a skills training centre for over 100 students, and a sponsorship programme to secondary schools for more than 200 children.


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