Ronald Dump: The mobile game that imagines his first day as President

The game:

With less 2 weeks left to US Presidential elections on November 8, here’s an Android mobile game to keep you occupied till the results are announced. Ronald Dump (a play on the name of Republican candidate Donald Trump) is a mobile interactive adventure which allows you to control the craziest American candidate once elected as President. In this text game, a new kind of era begins. A few words could change the state of the world. You are now the President of the United States of America. Using your phone, you will have to make choices – changing the storyline, the fate of your country and the destiny of the world.
Control the phone of the most powerful man on Earth. Talk to the press, your Chief of Staff, foreign leaders, answer with impertinence to the elite world. Five different endings will lead America to your dream…or your nightmare! The choice is yours!

Ronald Dump is now available on Android for US $2.99 (about Kshs 300) and will soon be on iOS.  The game has been built by a France-based team from Celestory Engine.


The engine:c
Celestory Engine is the first game engine for any creative: writer, animator, film-maker, VR creator or sound designer. Anyone can now bring his or her art on a game engine and create a “choose your own adventure” game. With Celestory Engine, the new game designer can also offer the audience compelling and immersive adventures.

The studio:
The Celestory team consists of Pierre Lacombe (CEO), Jonathan Picques (CTO) and Vincent Néel (COO), three passionate gamers influenced by The Walking Dead Telltales and Life is Strange Dontnod games, decided to change the narrative game industry. In 2015, together they created Audigame, an audio narrative experience. Using the results of their R&D, they decided to develop their technology to create a never made before narrative tool: the Celestory Engine. In March 2016, Celestory won the call for PREPA collaborative project contest organized by TF1 (#1 Top Europe TV Channel). Now working with agencies and creation studios around the world, Celestory has broken the barrier the barrier of technology and narration for everyone.


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