This Halloween, Startimes Kenya brings you ‘Dark Water’

The month of October maybe drawing to a close but this should not mean that the exceptional entertainment you’ve come to expect from Startimes Kenya is coming to an end, if not, you still have 2 days of griping shows to enjoy before the month end in about 48 hours.

For lovers of West African movies, set your clock and phone reminders for 8pm tonight so as not to miss IS THIS LOVE which will be shown on both DTT 022 and DTH 116. The movie revolves around a new security officer who has been assigned to serve in a neighbouring village. On his arrival, he meets the elderly man that he will be squatting with, along with his beautiful adolescent wife. Soon after his stay, the elderly man’s wife starts to experience lustful intentions towards the cop. It stars Calista Okoronkwo, Sam Sunny, Chinenye Uyanna and Tommy Oyewole.

And tomorrow – Monday October 31 – being Halloween, expect some scary drama at 7 pm with Dark Water, a horror movie to be screened on DTT 054 and DTH 129. Starring Jennifer Connelly, the movie is the story of a mother and daughter who are still wounded from a bitter custody dispute and end up being holed up in a run-down apartment building. Adding to their misery is the fact that they are also targeted by the ghost of building’s former resident.

Going back to regular programmimg, Startimes Kenya subscribers still have Desperate Housewives (the award winning series which uncovers secrets and truths of female friends in one suburban neighborhood, after the mysterious suicide of a neighbor) tomorrow from 4.30pm. The programme comes on DTT 054 and DTH 129.

Now that kids are home for the long December holidays, they can also watch Zauren Kaka at 5:30pm tomorrow on either on DTT 162 or DTH 404. This is a children’s programme in which the hosts will tell stories to the kids, teach them some skills like how to do mathematics, how to draw pictures, and organize the children to play different kinds of games. The kids willl earn knowledge as well as how to play the game and how to cooperate with their partners

Still on kids, there’s Boonie Bears or Bust tomorrow from 5.45 pm on DTT 162 and DTH 404. The cartoon show is a Chinese cartoon series about Briar and Bramble, two bear brothers who live happily in the forest. But their peaceful life was broken by a timberjack, hunter Vick, who was always trying to ruin the forest to make money. Therefore, the bears decided to fight the evil hunter Vick and protect their home.

To Nigerian programmes, Gurbin Ido will be brought to your screen tomorrow from 6 pm on DTT 162 and DTH 404. This Hausa-themed comedy series is based on a story narrated to the king by his subjects to make the king laugh and the people in his court also enjoy themselves. The drama shows how some people innocently embarrass themselves believing that it’s the right thing.

Mutanen Nageriya A China at 7.30 pm today on DTT 162 and DTH 404 is a documentary which focuses on the lives of Nigerians in China, mainly Beijing city. There are stark differences between Beijing’s Nigerians and those who live in Guangzhou, as most of them are in pursuit of highly academic careers, studying progressive science and technologies while some are working in the media and entertainment industry, and they all bring their traditional Africa music and cultural raits to China. The Nigerians enter and blend into the Chinese society with eass, and establish a deep friendship with Chinese people around them, with some of them even getting married and building families with their Chinese spouses, further entrenching themselves in the Beijing society. All these they do in order to realise their Chinese dream come true even with their unique talents and laborious struggles.

For those who love and enjoy Chinese programmes, there’s Mahaukatan Makota which will come to you tomorrow from 4 pm on DTT 162 and DTH 404. The series revolves around 2 neighbors – Liu and Li – who always quarrel with each other. Liu Xiufeng’s daughter and Li Dalong’s son, both study abroad and become lovers gradually. However, when they come back to China, they have to contact each other secretly due to the ongoing fued between their families. Despite opposition and several ordeals, the two –  Liu Jixiang and Li Cheng – nurture their relationship leading their two families to reconcile and live harmoniously.

Sci-Fi lovers have to look forward to UFOs Declassified today just after midnight from 12.10 am. Unknown to most people, there are heavily secured government facilities all over the world that contain thousands of classified top secret files that document UFO sightings, alien encounters, and other strange and unexplained occurrences. These top secret files contain classified information documenting first-handsightings, in-depth interrogations and interviews, and never-before-seen military reports that detail all aspects of the strange encounters and events that have been kept out of the public domain. For years, access to this highly sensitive information was impossible…until now. What clues do they hold, and what evidence of visitors from other worlds can be found within the pages of what we call…The UFO X-Files? These, among other things, is what this documentary seeks to uncover.

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