ShowMax: Giving you a world of entertainment for just Kshs 330

What can you buy with Kshs 330? Or put differently, what can you get for Kshs 330 that can last you a month without running out? Of course that amount can’t even get you enough mobile airtime from any of Kenya’s mobile network operators to last you a month.

Now, let’s bring this closer to the subject of this post:  how do you get your movies, series and documentary videos?

I know many would be hesitant to admit it but many of us buy from the local DVD guy in town. Generally, a single DVD goes for between Kshs 30 – 50. If you bought a DVD everyday to watch a different series or movie everyday, you’d spend Kshs 1,200 a month. (That is 50 plus 30 divided by 2 then multiplied by 30 – I hope I’ve observed the BODMAS rules).

But now there’s ShowMax, a subscription video on demand service – often called SVOD or internet TV – which launched its services in Kenya in early October, enabling subscribers to watch TV shows and movies over the internet with no adverts and no interruptions.

From international shows like Suits, Ray Donovan, Pretty Little Liars, Big Bang Theory, Younger, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Mad Men to local shows like the Real Housewives of Kawangware, Hapa Kule News and lots of fun shows for the kids, there’s a huge variety to choose from.

There are two packages to fit your budget.

ShowMax Select and ShowMax Premium

ShowMax is available to Kenya’s subscribers in two packages: ShowMax Select for Kshs 330 per month and ShowMax Premium for Kshs 880.

Select is designed for mobile users and gives you a choice of more than 3,000 hours of international and Kenyan shows. Payment for Select is only possible via the M-Pesa platform.

With ShowMax Premium, you can access the full catalogue of more than 25,000 episodes, movies and kids programmes for Kshs 880. Pay with M-Pesa, credit card, ShowMax vouchers or PayPal. Plus with Premium, you get a seven-day free trial.

Both packages allow users to stream content or download a maximum of 25 shows to watch offline. The downloaded content is valid for 30 days after which it is wiped off your device to guard against sharing. Clever tip – use free Wi-Fi at the office and download shows to watch on your trip home without using your data!

With both Premium and Select, it’s possible to set up a kids profile so the kids can watch only the shows suitable for their age. Perfect for the holidays.

How to sign up for ShowMax and pay with M-Pesa

Being able to pay with M-PESA is very convenient for anyone who doesn’t have a credit card and means you can get connected to ShowMax anywhere in Kenya.

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to subscribe and pay for ShowMax using M-Pesa:

  • Let’s start from the beginning. Once you’ve gone to on your web browser – on your PC or your smartphone – click sign up. Enter your name and email address and set your password. Then select your plan option and payment method. Let’s assume you’re here, trying to pay from your PC:3
  • Click on the M-Pesa payment option, which then leads you here:4
  • You then key in your mobile number, then the prompts lead you to this next step:
  • Given this option, choose your preferred package – that is ShowMax Select or ShowMax Premium – then pay the Kshs 330 or Ksh 880 by following the instructions in the above image. Afterwards, you’ll be here:5


  • When you click on ‘Start Watching’, you’ll be led to this tab on PC:6
  • Or this one on your smartphone:phone


  • From here, download the ShowMax app – available for both Android and iOS devices – and start enjoying your TV shows and movies on the go.

In the next installment, we’ll look at the unique features of the two packages – ShowMax Select and ShowMax Premium – in more detail, highlighting the key features of each.

Want to find out more for yourself? Sign up now at Free trial for Premium subscribers.


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