Makini College partners with CIPR, UK to offer new PR course

Public relations practitioners in Kenya will now be able to undertake specialist public relations qualifications locally.

International training provider, the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR, UK) in conjunction with Makini College will offer a new and updated industry relevant CIPR course beginning January 2017.

Dr Bitange Ndemo, a Professor at the University of Nairobi while presiding over the launch event pointed to the importance of driving up standards of public relations in Kenya and expressed his support for having a local setup supported by the CIPR in UK. He added, “The launch of CIPR qualifications is a real step forward for the industry locally, making high quality PR education more accessible in the country. This is evidence of a paradigm shift in the thinking of local practitioners and the profession as whole as it moves towards higher standards of professionalism through international accreditation of practitioners.”

Introducing the Diploma locally eliminates the need for PR practitioners to undertake qualifications involving frequent travel to the UK or substantial amounts of distance learning, while according them the benefit to practice internationally once they meet the stipulated requirements.

Speaking at the launch event Joseph Okelo, Director of Makini College said, “The Diploma is a great qualification.  It’s hard work, but extremely rewarding and can transform your PR career from good to great. A CIPR Diploma graduate is a more strategic thinker and better equipped to make an impact at senior level in the workplace. It is for this reason that Makini College offers the course as a specialist course that differentiates itself from all other PR qualifications in the country.”

Taught by a specialist team of tutors, trained and vetted by the CIPR in UK, the course will be delivered over 10 months and include three units of study. The first section focusses on equipping learners with the requisite skills to properly apply PR theory to practice. The second unit focusses on strategy development and planning PR strategies that assure return on investment while the final unit details doing research in the field of communication.

Established more than ten years ago in the UK, the CIPR Diploma is a Masters level qualification aimed at those who want to develop their practitioner skills but who also want to underpin what they do with theory. Diploma graduates have gone on to hold senior positions in organisations in the UK and abroad. Entry level courses including the CIPR Foundation and Advanced Certificate will also be delivered by Makini College in Nairobi.


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