ZTE showcases its Big Video solutions at AfricaCom

ZTE held its Big Video Summit for Africa at the sidelines of the AfricaCom expo held on November  15 – 17, 2016.

Traditionally, network construction and IP video services have been slow to develop in Africa, but now the continent is experiencing high-speed growth in both broadband and in the spread of 3G and 4G networks. With the sharp increase in Internet users, popularity of broadband and the development of mobile networks, a huge market in TV services has been created. However, due to economic, environmental and cultural characteristics, Africa also faces many so called growing pains.

Taking AfricaCom as an opportunity to communicate with operators, communication providers (CPs) and consulting firms from around the world, ZTE used its Big Video Summit to present on video development trends and challenges in Africa. Subjects under discussion included the development of OTT video services, opportunities and challenges for operators and content delivery. Operators are concerned about how to provide a consistent multi-screen experience throughout significantly different networks; how to operate video content and explore video services, and how to work with operators’ traditional services to increase revenue.

Mr Liu Jinshan ,CTO Group Member of ZTE, summarized the operator relationship issue by saying that in future, networks will mainly be used for video, therefore video plays an irreplaceable role in driving network construction, services for terminal users and sustainable development for operators. Based on more than 10 years’ experience in video and its deployment of many video solutions around the world, ZTE can confidently say that this is also true in Africa. Building on its 4K service in Mauritius and its abundant experience, there is a strong foundation for ZTE’s continued contribution to video services in Africa.

At the summit, ZTE highlighted its Big Video 4K+ solution, which delivers an anytime multi-screen user experience, big data smart operation and maintenance from a cloudized platform. It can meet diverse service requirements, provide converged support for both fixed and mobile networks and is able to handle different operation environments across the African continent. ZTE also demonstrated its series of 4K ultra-HD smart terminals including an Android TV STB and home media centre, providing real 4K, smart and converged features. ZTE’s video service and smart terminals enable video sharing and interaction and provide a clear, smooth and high-speed video experience for users in this current Big Video era. ZTE also demonstrated some of the features from its Big Video 4K+ solution, including low-latency VR live broadcast, anytime multi-screen, smart operation and maintenance and voiceprint smart ad.

Mr. Ding Kun ,VP of the Multimedia Service Product of ZTE , said: “The Big Video Summit was an important opportunity for ZTE to demonstrate its Big Video 4K+ solution and share its aim of helping operators develop the video industry, meet future challenges and achieve a win-win situation.”


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