Startimes Kenya customer care team – with you 24/7

No matter how smart or experienced we may be, we always hit a moment in our digital TV experience when we feel like we could use a helping hand.

However, as a Startimes Kenya susbcriber, you need not worry. When it comes to all matters pertaining your StarTimes TV account, a helpful friend is just a call away at our call centre.

StarTimes has one of the best support teams in the digital TV industry and based on our customers’ feedback,  input and suggestions, it keeps getting better.

That is why as a subscriber when you are faced with an issue that requires personal touch, you can always call our 24/7 call centre team of over 250 dedicated representatives speaking different languages to cater to all our customers.

So how do you reach us in times of need? It’s simple – just call us on 0719077077 and all your issues pertaining to your StarTimes decoder and account will be sorted out within no time as you hold, giving you peace of mind as you enjoy quality digital entertainment.

Apart from telephone calls, you can also reach our Customer Care team through our Facebook page as well as Twitter handle.

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  1. I bought a new free to air but it’s just saying update in progress then download is timed out, what may be the problem 01801836024

  2. Please help me my decoder has a problem I just paid this morning but its showing Ugandan stations may be it needs to be activated and I don’t know

  3. So sad that we are experiencing problems with some of your channels and you can’t sort it for over 24Hours someone is sleeping on his or her Job I’m giving you 12 More hours if the the problem continues NI KUHAMA!

  4. A/c no. 01801780680 . I paid on 29th of November. Now my av been cut off the programs. Please recover my programs. Just called you but no answer. Thanks.

  5. Ooooh gracious goodness!!!! Why you that ignorant ???? I have called thousand times but still you have not attended to my problem….. I paid but still it’s telling me that I haven’t subscribed.. Please return the channels for us….. For Heaven’s sake!!! 01801667532

  6. Most of your premium channels are showing nothing but repeats. Even the movie channel is showing very old movies and now, Japanese movies dubbed very bad into English. Since you dropped BET and TLC nothing has been the same. If you cannot tell me that these channels will be coming back I will be forced to look for an alternative service.

  7. It’s so frustrating when you pay but can’t watch TV for days it calls for migration to others!!!!

  8. It is very disappointing to make payments only to receive a no signals .for my case it is now 4 days since i paid.what is the problem with star times?..02128046635

  9. My decorder a/c no. Is 02101992963. I want to lodge my complaints and say that the issue of you being there for your clients 24/7 is not true. Your agents response is indefinite and if answered it takes too long without you not putting into consideration the wastage of ones airtime. Someone promised that I pay slightly more money than I normally pay and I’ll be able to see animaux. I paid twice as much but nothing of sort. Very poor service indeed

  10. Alfred from south coast- when will this issue of no signal end? Having the required signal strength and her the viewing is interrupted by the warning no signal. The services of star times at this end of Kenya is demoralising. When will someone do something positive?

  11. kindly update my set box , i have no signal , my star times box no is 02102115048 and i have already paid 2 months nyota bouquet. am residing in Nyeri

  12. Hi team, kindly update my decoder, Acc. no 02128144766. i’m unable to view local channels including guide channel.

    • I paid my monthly subscription yesterday at 6and its yet to show anything kindly check because when I call that no its just saying it’s paid yet no station is showing anything 02133691297

  13. Please check your signal strength in Kisumu my account number is 02128009875. The channels have scratches you’d think it’s an old CD-ROM. Damn!! This is tiresome one can’t watch in peace.

  14. Why do u lie that the customer care help line is 24/7 yet am calling and what i here is that “sorry our offices are closed “???? What nonsense!

  15. Am Emma.I paid 260/- for a/c 02128343249 on 2nd June but till now i can only see ADN channels citizen and ntv what’s happening please? what about the 9 days lost?

  16. Kindly I paid for basic bouquet but I received an sms telling me that I have paid for nyota. I did send 600 to my account 01801680246. Why this?

  17. There was an offer of 100% BONUS pay 1 month subscription & get 2 month valid until 05/06/18.I paid & still got only 1 . Another offer was for paying BASIC & getting upgrade to CLASSIC valid until 31st July 2018 ,paid on 01/07/018 but still there’s no upgrade.Enjoy up to 100% BONUS on your bouquet subscription! Pay monthly @Kshs.599 & get 2 months of viewership. Don’t miss 2018 FIFA World Cup LIVE on StarTimes starting 14th June-15th July 2018. This offer is valid until 5th June 2018. Call: 0719077077.OFFER! Pay full month BASIC Bouquet subscription, enjoy upgrade to CLASSIC bouquet for 1 Month at no extra cost & watch LIVE all the 64 FIFA WORLD CUP matches. The more you subscribe, the more upgraded months you get! Offer valid until July 31st 2018. T&C apply. Call 0719077077 .You don’t have to lie to clients to subscribe. Most of the channels have programs that are repeated within very short duration thus not worth being paid for. Of cause I know KENYA is a scam society .

  18. the number we are suppose to call it’s never accessible i think your customer care services is the purest i have never encountered

  19. I have an issue I need resolving. The channel Fanaka TV is currently not showing any signal. Please work on fixing this issue for the entertainment of your loyal customers like myself. Thank you

  20. Kindly fix network problem in Naivasha all weekends we have shaky connection Errors
    And am worried if i shlould purchase my this month Bonquet

  21. You guys are a big joke. I paid my subscription but I haven’t had a signal for 3 days. Last month I had a signal for 2 weeks only even though I had paid my subscription.Be serious.Please restore my signal.My smart card number is 02101931532.

  22. I send 18500k to you wrongly but you don’t want help me recover my money back am really felling bad about it

  23. I paid my Startime decoder for 1499 hoping everything will work as GOTv then i called customer care all she told me is to activate with *858#,I did as I was directed but when ever I want to watch like national geographic I only see (ATENSIOAA THIS CHANNEL BELONG TO BASIC BOQUET PLEASE RECHARGE) can you please set my decoder because I just left my GOTv and it’s was not like that my Star time account is 01801780802

  24. Good morning just from paying 600 shillings for one month and the msge I get is for 12 days kindly rectify it for me in a right bouquet. My card number is 01713298847 my name jacquiline

  25. I mistakeably toped up to a different number and want the transfer to my number. My acc. Number is 02139418298•
    The number i sent money by mistake is 02139418928

  26. I block KBC tv and CITIZEN TV please assist me i want to unblock them …its asking for decoder pin and i dont know thanks waiting for your reply soon

  27. Hi i have startimes app and i got a message that when i invite a friend i earn coins but i have not getting anything and i had invited many friends where is the problem

  28. Dear customer, suary am affect with the channels I mostly like to watch like will you help us

    • Hi,

      Contact StarTimes customer team om 0719077077 or via the Facebook page or Twitter handle.

      You’ll be assisted.


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