The convenience that comes with using the #StarTimesApp

That most of us live busy lives with some crazy demands and schedules can not be disputed. But that we also strive to live normal lives, amidst all the crazy demands and schedules, is also not lost on us.

That’s why people are always in such of tools, products or equipment which can help them enjoy their entertainment conveniently – whether music, movies or TV programmes whenever and wherever they maybe. To listen to music, we always attach earphones to our mobile devices so that we listen to our favourite tracks without being a bother to others around us.

But how about when you want to watch your videos, movies and TV series without being a bother to others? This is where the newly-launched #StarTimesApp comes to your rescue.

Yesterday, we explained how you can download and install the #StarTimesApp.

Today, let us now move to what else you can get while using the app.

  • After you install the app, you can open it and then click on the ‘search’ button:15139574_1367742446569534_1542503704_n
  • Assuming you’re a sports (football) fan, you can then choose the ‘International Champions Cup’ tab which then leads you to the highlights of the various fixtures (less than 6-minute clips):15151228_1367742439902868_1536142974_n
  • From here, you can then decide to watch a specific past game’s highlights:15209078_1367697709907341_1092666984_n
  • Or move to the next tab, in this case ‘ST Music’ which has the option of ‘TV Guide’ (of the day’s top music shows) or the ‘Videos’:15139574_1367742446569534_1542503704_n
  • If you’re not into sports or music but a fan of movies, you will choose the ‘AMC Movies’ tab which offers a guide of the day’s scheduled movies or click on the ‘Video’ tab for a quick preview of upcoming movies:15209265_1367751016568677_1520820075_n
  • The last button takes you the ‘Nickelodeon’ and the various programmes available:15211583_1367742489902863_1755371729_n

While still on the #StarTimesApp‘s homepage, you also have the option of either choosing the ‘Guide’ (which takes you to the various channels and programmes on offer as highlighted above) or can opt to go to the ‘Service’ tab which leads you to the recharge and billing functions.

Now, what kind of additional convenience can one honestly demand beyond what is offered by the #StarTimesApp)


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