Pioneer Gulf targets Kenya’s PSVs, motorists with 4 products

In late November last year, car entertainment systems vendor Pioneer announced its re-entry into the Kenyan market through the launch of new models of in-car entertainment products.

And exactly a year since the relaunch, the Pioneer team – which included Muralidhar Masal, the Pioneer Gulf GM; Prasanna Kumara, Pioneer Gulf’s assistant marketing manager and Rachael Wambua, Pioneer Gulf’s Assistant Manager -were in Kenya again for a second follow-up tour, which saw the team unveil the firm’s new products, meet and engage with business partners, clients as well as media and bloggers to get feedback on the market and their solutions.

(TOP: Prasanna Kumara showcased the features of Pioneer products – DEH -X1952UB and TS – S20C).

In order to learn more about the firm’s products targeted at this market, we engaged with Prasanna Kumara, Pioneer Gulf’s assistant marketing manager, to share more details about the new solutions. From the meeting, we picked four which are specifically targeted at this market:

  1. DEH -X1952UB – A new car audio receiver with a carbon fibre finish.    km679da_deh-x1952ub_es_blue_left_top

“This is the new design that we have for audio receivers. From the research that we’ve done in Kenya and the East African market, we’ve established that a lot of customers, both individual and installers, prefer this kind of design and finish. That’s why we’ve decided to bring it to Kenya first and launch it here as the new model,” stated Prassana, adding that the products will be available via dealer outlets including Sight and Sound among others.   The product comes in shades of blue and red depending on one’s preference.

  1. TS – S20C – Tweeter (treble) speakerkv484_ts-s20c

The previous version of the tweeter speaker TS-S20 is already popular with PSVs but the current model, TS-S20C can also be installed and used in private personal vehicles, not just matatus and other PSVs.

“You may have noticed that some of the tweeter speakers that come already installed in imported vehicles don’t have very high quality sound output, that is why we’ve now introduced the TS-S20C for owners of personal vehicles who’d wish to replace them with this model,” said Prasanna.

“This is a super tweeter…it can control the frequency, it has its own external network, can be connected to an amplifier and can accommodate up to 270watts of power. For installation, there’s no need to have it mounted on your dashboard, just install in the same place that was occupied by the previous tweeter.”

  1. EQ 6500V2 – Advanced car equalizereq_persp5-green

“Most of the equalizer models in the market are not genuine products but as Pioneer, we’ve had an original equalizer for 15 to 20 years now and it’s still in very high demand. Our research as well as feedback from clients has found that there’s demand for equalizers. That’s why we’re re-introducing our Legend equalizer model to this market through the EQ 6500V2 model,” said Prasanna.

Some of the features of the EQ 6500V2 is that it is a 9-band equaliser, has dual illumination and sub-woofer control. It comes in orange and green varieties.

  1. GM – D9605 – A new 5-channel amplifierProEXR File Description =Attributes= cameraAperture (float): 36.000000 cameraFNumber (float): 0.165354 cameraFarClip (float): 1000000015047466200000000000000.000000 cameraFarRange (float): 10000.000000 cameraFocalLength (float): 42.000000 cameraFov (float): 46.397182 cameraNearClip (float): 0.000000 cameraNearRange (float): 0.000000 cameraProjection (int): 0 cameraTargetDistance (float): 5080.000000 cameraTransform (m44f) channels (chlist) compression (compression): Zip16 dataWindow (box2i): [0, 0, 5999, 4499] displayWindow (box2i): [0, 0, 5999, 4499] lineOrder (lineOrder): Increasing Y pixelAspectRatio (float): 1.000000 screenWindowCenter (v2f): [0.000000, 0.000000] screenWindowWidth (float): 1.000000 =Channels= A (float) B (float) G (float) MultiMatteElement1.B (float) MultiMatteElement1.G (float) MultiMatteElement1.R (float) MultiMatteElement2.B (float) MultiMatteElement2.G (float) MultiMatteElement2.R (float) MultiMatteElement3.B (float) MultiMatteElement3.G (float) MultiMatteElement3.R (float) R (float) VRayBumpNormals.X (float) VRayBumpNormals.Y (float) VRayBumpNormals.Z (float) VRayDiffuseFilter.B (float) VRayDiffuseFilter.G (float) VRayDiffuseFilter.R (float) VRayDiffuseFilter2.2.B (float) VRayDiffuseFilter2.2.G (float) VRayDiffuseFilter2.2.R (float) VRayExtraTex_ƒ}ƒbƒv #15.B (float) VRayExtraTex_ƒ}ƒbƒv #15.G (float) VRayExtraTex_ƒ}ƒbƒv #15.R (float) VRayIlluminance.B (float) VRayIlluminance.G (float) VRayIlluminance.R (float) VRayMtlSelect_Material #2527.B (float) VRayMtlSelect_Material #2527.G (float) VRayMtlSelect_Material #2527.R (float) VRayMtlSelect_PG4.5.B (float) VRayMtlSelect_PG4.5.G (float) VRayMtlSelect_PG4.5.R (float) VRayObjectID (uint) VRayRawGlobalIllumination.B (float) VRayRawGlobalIllumination.G (float) VRayRawGlobalIllumination.R (float) VRayRawLighting.B (float) VRayRawLighting.G (float) VRayRawLighting.R (float) VRayRawShadow.B (float) VRayRawShadow.G (float) VRayRawShadow.R (float) VRayReflection.B (float) VRayReflection.G (fl

“For the D9605, four channels are used for 4 specific speakers, maybe in the front and rear of the vehicle, while the fifth channel can be connected to a sub-woofer. With this, it now means that a client doesn’t need to buy 2 amplifiers, thereby saving on costs while still getting top-quality sound features,” he stated.

Additional details and information about the solutions can be obtained from the company’s website.



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