Jolla seeks overseas markets for Sailfish OS, with South Africa among targets

Jolla, the Finnish mobile company and developer of open mobile operating system Sailfish OS, has announced that Sailfish OS has been officially accepted as the only mobile OS in Russia to be used in governmental and government controlled corporations’ upcoming mobile device projects. Jolla has also started discussions in China and South Africa about building local mobile OS ecosystems for the countries.

Sailfish OS, the independent alternative mobile OS, developed by Jolla, is now taking big steps in Russia. Last year, the Russian Ministry of Communications publicly expressed support for the Sailfish OS agenda in Russia, which is part of Russia’s long-term objective to create a more independent IT ecosystem for the country. The alternative mobile OS agenda has also been a frequent topic in several recent BRICS countries leaders’ meetings, most recently in Bengaluru, India.

Sami Pienimäki, CEO of Jolla Ltd. comments: “Sailfish OS development in Russia is an important part of Jolla’s wider agenda, aiming to power various countries’ mobile ecosystems. Our solution is based on open source code and contribution models with partners, which makes it possible to ramp up local systems effectively in 6 months. We have now done this in Russia with a local partner and using this experience we are looking forward to ramping up similar projects in other countries.”

In Russia, Sailfish OS is the only mobile operating system, which has been officially accepted to be used in governmental and government controlled corporations’ upcoming mobile device projects.

Sailfish OS is licensed and developed by Russian local product company Open Mobile Platform Ltd. Open Mobile Platform’s aim is to customize and further develop Sailfish OS for the Russian market, and to answer to local Russian needs. Open Mobile Platform has already started rapidly building the local developer community for Sailfish OS in Russia.

Pavel Eyges, CEO of Open Mobile Platform comments: “We believe that open source based and independent Sailfish OS is the mobile OS platform of the future. It has great potential in Russia and elsewhere. Sailfish OS is based on principles of participation and partnership, and we are actively recruiting partners and developer community members to take the initiative to new heights in Russia.”

Jolla Ltd., the mobile company from Finland, is the developer of Sailfish OS, the open mobile operating system. The first Sailfish OS mobile product, the Jolla Smartphone, was first introduced in November 2013. In November 2014 Jolla introduced the Jolla Tablet project, and in Q3/2015 Jolla announced its first major licensing partner Intex Technologies. Currently the company focuses on licensing Sailfish OS to governmental and corporate customers.

Open Mobile Platform is a technology company based in Innopolis, Russia. The firm is focused on development of corporate mobile product based on the open source independent mobile operating system Sailfish OS in order to fulfill business needs in B2G and B2B market segments with primary attention to privacy, security and ability to be integrated with corporate infrastructure and government services.


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