Uganda’s Sheilla Ayot Nyeko selected as fellow to ICANN58 in Denmark

ICANN has announced the names of 15 individuals selected to participate at ICANN58 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The candidates, who come from various universities in Europe, are actively engaged in studies involving policy, international relations, engineering, cyber security, law, and computer science.

Five additional selectees – including Sheilla Ayot Nyeko from Uganda – will serve as ambassadors for these NextGen participants. The ambassadors have all previously attended an ICANN meeting as NextGenners.

(TOP: Sheilla Ayot Nyeko from Uganda who will attend ICANN58 as Program Ambassador and NextGenner).

The successful candidates are:

  1. Chawana Huangsuntornchai – Leiden University
  2. Clement Genty – Arts & Metiers ParisTech
  3. Peter Cihon- Emmanuel College, University of Cambridge
  4. Desara Dushi – University of Luxembourg
  5. Olga Kyryliuk- National University of Kiev
  6. Matthias Markus Hudobnik- University of Graz
  7. Katharin Tai- University of Oxford
  8. Luã Fergus Oliveira da Cruz- Nova University of Lisbon
  9. Abderrahman Ait Ali- KTH Royal Institute of Technology
  10. Valeriia Filinovych- National University of Kyiv
  11. Yousra HSINA- Institut National des Sciences appliquées de Renne
  12. Krishna Kumar Rajamannar- Hertie School of Governance, Berlin
  13. Nertil Bërdufi- University of Tirana
  14. Carolina Matamoros Ferro – Hertie School of Governance
  15. Jacqueline Anita Eggenschwiler – University of Oxford
  16. Rachel Pollack Ichou – Program Ambassador U.S.
  17. Laurin B Weissinger – Program Ambassador Germany
  18. Rusu Andreea Madalina – Program Ambassador Romania
  19. Sheilla Ayot Nyeko – Program Ambassador Uganda
  20. Stefan Kovac – Program Ambassador Serbia

Interested candidates were required to submit an online application and meet the initial program requirements, after which, an independent selection committee assessed the candidates. The committee selected the individuals based on their current studies and interest in policy and work related to the Internet ecosystem and Internet governance.

The NextGenners have to commit to engage with and learn from the ICANN community over the ICANN58 meeting week and also produce a 10-15 minute presentation related to the work of ICANN and their studies.


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