Huawei named as major player in Desktop Virtualization sector

IDC, a global market research, analysis, and advisory service provider, has named Huawei with its desktop virtualization solution, FusionAccess, as a major player in the global desktop virtualization sector in its latest IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Virtual Client Computing Software 2016 Vendor Assessment report.

In the report, IDC assessed desktop virtualization providers in terms of capability, strategy, and performance and divided qualified providers into leaders, major players, contenders, and participants based on assessment results. The report was compiled to assist enterprise Chief Information Officers (CIOs) select the most suitable provider.

According to the report, Huawei’s FusionAccess delivers enhanced security, rock-solid reliability, and an optimal video and audio experience. Built on the Huawei Desktop Protocol (HDP), FusionAccess is compatible with other Huawei products, such as telecom and mobile devices, thin clients, and server products like FusionCube. Huawei provides customers with end-to-end solutions that satisfy diverse requirements. Enterprise CIOs can feel confident in FusionAccess as more than 1000 IT service teams worldwide are able to respond to service requests quickly.

Desktop virtualization is an application built on cloud computing. It separates desktop systems and the data on conventional PCs from terminals by virtualizing desktop systems on computers. Desktop virtualization assists in tackling challenges conventional PCs face, such as information leakage, time-consuming maintenance, and low resource utilization. Enterprise users are able to access dedicated desktops and applications using any device, anytime, anywhere, delivering a secure, flexible, and convenient office experience.

Huawei FusionAccess is committed to becoming the most trustworthy solution for cloud-based enterprise IT and offices. Huawei FusionAccess assists enterprises in transforming towards cloud infrastructure in a secure and efficient manner. To date, Huawei FusionAccess has served more than 1000 enterprise customers in 100 countries and regions worldwide. It has also been deployed in a wide array of scenarios, such as common office, security office, mobile office, call centers, cloud workstations, branches, public terminals, and desktop operations in education, government, finance, carrier, large-sized enterprise, transportation, and energy sectors.


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