The new breed of ISPs: Frontier of cyber security


Over the years, data capacities and speeds were the determinants that users in Kenya used to decide the best suited ISP to work with. With the rise in internet penetration in Kenya standing at 45%, security is becoming the next success story. ISPs can increase revenue and customer loyalty by providing security.

Cyber Security processes and operations in any business has become complex, requiring trained cyber security specialists, constant vigilance and huge investments in technology. SMEs and some of the enterprises we have in Kenya cannot afford the investment therefore look to outsourcing these departments thus the rise of managed security services. ISP’s possess the reach and skilled personnel to meet the needs of these businesses paving way for opportunities in delivering data center services whereby security is key.

The new breed of ISP’s will be required to offer diverse portfolio of security solutions and be a trusted protector against cyber-crime. There will be a shift from protecting the devices to protecting the network connections. Customers are always willing to pay a premium if the service delivers more value and ensures the integrity of data, help protect homes and families. Internet Service Providers need to partner with Security Vendors to provision security solutions to Kenyans.

ESET has played a huge role in ensuring users are protected from cyber attacks. ESET has been well performing especially in integrations with ISPs Globally. Below are various existing ISPs and Telco partners;

We pride in great success and with ESET East Africa headquarters based in Nairobi, there is a great need to partner with ISP’s to provide security solutions for both businesses and individual Consumers with solutions ranging from Endpoint protection for businesses to mobile antivirus for the ever growing users in Kenya. We provide ISP’s with flexible billing models to implement in their managed service portfolios to their clients.

(Teddy Njoroge is the Country Manager – Kenya at ESET East Africa. This post was first published on LinkedIn).


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