Lizz Ntonjira moves to IBM as regional PR lead, replacing Vera Oloo

Vera Oloo has left IBM after 5 years of service as the IT firm’s PR Lead for Africa. Ms Oloo, who joined the company in early 2011, resigned from IBM in August this year and has since joined the World Bank where she currently handles Public Policy, Partnerships and Communications for the bank’s International Trade and Development division in Nairobi.

According to hr professional profile, she “spearheaded IBM’s engagement with key stakeholders including C-Suite leaders, senior government officials and media” and “specializes in assisting multinationals expand their presence into Africa”, adding that she “enjoys connecting key industry influencers and thought leaders to facilitate dialogue that present new opportunities for businesses and communities.”

(TOP: Lizz Ntonjira moderates a session, Fatuma’s Voice at PAWA254. Photo: YouTube).

“For example, I supported IBM in setting up their presence in four countries across Africa. In 2012, I facilitated for IBM to convene government and private sector leaders to address challenges facing the City of Nairobi as it grows into a modern African city. The resulting Nairobi Smarter City White Paper outlines some practical and easily achievable solutions for Nairobi’s traffic congestion and the legendary security issues,” states Oloo on her LinkedIn profile.

Ms Oloo’s previous position has since been filled by former NTV Business reporter and news anchor Lizz Ntonjira who joined IBM in November as the firm’s External Relations Lead for East Africa. Ms Ntonjira joined IBM from Tax Justice Network – Africa where she had a short stint as the Communications, Campaigns and Outreach Manager.

However, it seems that Ntonjira has a smaller portfolio compared to Oloo as the former is in charge of East Africa while the later handled external relations for the whole of Africa.

After leaving NTV in in early 2014, Ntonjira first joined the Competition Authority of Kenya as the parastatal’s PR, Communications and External Affairs Manager, a role she held till May 2015 when she moved to Winrock International.


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