Rosslyn Riviera Mall installs security system ahead of formal opening

Warrior Insight (WI) has completed the design and installation of a security system at the new Rosslyn Riviera Mall (RRM), the latest 116,000 square foot neighbourhood mall situated a few metres from Runda estate and which is expected to offer visitors a convenient blend of shopping, dining, health, wellness and entertainment.

Unlike ‘destination’ malls, RRM is designed for quick, easy and convenient ‘easy in and out’ shopping, and after reviewing the specific needs of RRM, the Mall’s layout and how visitors would be accessing and using the Mall’s facilities, Warrior Insight was chosen to oversee all security designs and implementation of security systems, policies and procedures to ensure the safety of mall visitors, tenants and staff together with security of the assets.

With the high demand for effective security at an increasing number of different shopping malls around Nairobi, WI was tasked with helping RRM deliver on the ‘neighbourhood mall easy-in, easy-out’ concept without compromising on both the quality of the security measures and the public perception of safety. One of the key deliverables of the project was to support the operation of a safe and secure mall and still meet the safety and security needs of tenants, staff and other stakeholders.

Tony Sugden, CEO of Warrior Insight commended the developers of RRM on consulting security experts early in the design stages of the new mall: “It’s incredibly important for developers to get security and risk management advice early on so that we can advise on the most effective technology and the best combination of strategic solutions for a given project right from the start. No two solutions will be exactly the same, and many of the familiar security processes that we see every day in Nairobi are now outdated, time consuming for consumers and most importantly have little real benefit in terms of being effective. It’s time for Nairobi to recognise that security is not simply about token use of technology, but about designing systems and using ‘the right technology’ strategically.”

Once inside the Mall, WI will have an additional discrete presence using Security Coordination and Response Officers who are specifically trained to be a different caliber to standard guards. Tony Sugden explained: “When Rosslyn Riviera Mall opens its doors this week, visitors will not have their cars examined with under-car mirrors, and other familiar security precautions, but both inside and out we’ll be using some of the best security technology and public surveillance techniques available, to closely monitor visitors from the moment they drive into the carpark, and to identify any suspicious behavior or unwanted materials before they enter the mall. The overall security experience is designed to be much less intrusive and less time consuming, but ultimately, much more effective!”

Apart from RRM, Warrior Security‘s other clients include US State Department, USAid, UN and diplomatic bodies, international NGOs as well as corporate multinational.

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