WIOCC’s Ryan Sher to speak at Next Generation Optical Networking Africa

Ryan Sher, COO of West Indian Ocean Cable Company (WIOCC), will this morning be part of an interactive polling session and panel discussion on ‘Future Proofing Subsea and Terrestrial Networks Serving the African Region at  Next Generation Optical Networking Africa. The event takes place from today – Tuesday February 14 – till Wednesday February 15in Cape Town, South Africa.

Ryan Sher, the COO of WIOCC (which operates the EASSy sub-marine cable), will participate in the discussion which takes place on the first day between 11.40 am – 1.20pm on Tuesday February 14 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre, Cape Town.
(TOP: Ryan Sher, COO, WIOCC). 

The panel, which will be moderated by Wireless Spectrum Research Associate from NSRC, Steve Song will also include Dale Smith from NSRC, James Kanja from National Fibre Backbone Network and Mike Silber from Liquid Telecom. An interactive voting session will be conducted and participants will get a chance to have their say on how networks are developing before the topic is addressed by the panelists.

Some of the questions to be covered include:

  • Are we building fast enough to meet the demands of a bandwidth-hungry generation and how will this demand evolve?
  • Assessing the different options for enabling high capacity access into land locked African countries
  • What is driving broadband demand in the different regions and what growth rate is to be expected?
  • How are Open Networks, PoP-to-PoP connectivity, and ROADMs changing submarine architectures? How will subsea network architectures evolve to deliver to the African region?
  • How is the value chain in Africa evolving? What are the relationships with the ISPs and data centres?


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