Why Electronic Cargo Tracking Systems are a cost-effective tool in transit trade

Trailer and cargo tracking provides multiple benefits for the logistics industry in the global and East Africa region.  In Kenya, the sector accounts for about 8-9% of the country’s GDP and is likely to remain a major driver in the growth of the economy.

This sector has also been boosted by the improved infrastructure which has created potentially lucrative opportunities for both logistics providers and fleet management and vehicle tracking companies. In fact, industry players say the growth of Africa’s logistics market is being driven by higher trade volumes as local economies diversify and expand, domestic consumer demand goes up, global demand for natural resources escalates, and as infrastructure improves, boosting intra-African trade.

As this sector expands, the need for fleet management and cargo tracking systems also increases.  These solutions, not only help truck or vehicle owners to keep control of their fleets’ movements but also act as a theft prevention measure. The solutions should, therefore, be a priority for monitoring and controlling all company vehicles, including cargo, public service vehicles as well as transport vehicles.

Solutions like the Electronic Cargo Tracking System (ECTS) have had a massive impact on Transit Trade in the region.  The trade is a major source of revenue for governments but again, they represent one of the greatest security threats for these same governments because they are rarely inspected, and therefore could be used for smuggling.

According to Esther Wainaina, GM, Borderless Tracking, governments and even private companies need the capability and tools to monitor fleets. This is where our solutions like the Electronic Cargo Tracking System (ECTS) come in hand to ensure security of both cargo and the country.

‘’As a Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) Licensed ECTS provider, we provide solutions that enable real-time tracking of cargo from point of loading to point of discharge,’’ she says.

These solutions, not only help government agencies enforce cargo handling regulations but also prevent theft of goods in transit and dumping of goods in transit through a given territory.

Borderless Tracking provides this cargo tracking solution to more than one thousand clients across the region.  Unlike vehicle tracking solutions, which uses just GPS and GPRS technologies, ECTS uses GPS which provides co-ordinates to give cargo location on the map, GPRS, which provides data system for sending data to the server and RFiD to provide the security of the cargo.

The objectives of ECTS are to provide cargo visibility by providing real-time location and status of the cargo and expedite clearance at loading and off-loading points. The technology enables quick inspection and clearance of cargo. It also provides ready data which helps in decision making. Borderless Tracking provides reports on the movement and location of trucks to clients which are easily accessible.

‘’The amount of container goods that is lost due to theft, accidents and even damage is unfortunately increasing. Real-time remote containers tracking and monitoring with solutions like ECTS can help prevent these cases, as well as provide actionable information in order to retrieve goods or minimize damage,’’ Ms Wainaina says.

The clue of the Electronic Container Tracking System (ECTS) is to ensure and-to-end supply chain security safety. Companies using the system do not always have to worry about the security of their goods in transit.

Borderless Tracking is one of the nine, Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) ECTS licensed vendor. In Tanzania, the company is also one of the five approved vendors of ECTS by the Tanzania Revenue Authority. Its solution is also in use in Libya, Thailand, Central America, Singapore Defense Forces among others.

Borderless Tracking is a Kenya-based affiliate of Borderless Hub of Singapore which specializes in: Fleet Management Systems – Vehicle tracking and monitoring and Provision of Electronic Cargo Tracking Systems. The firm is one of the of the nine KRA licensed vendors. In Tanzania, Borderless Tracking is among the five approved vendors for Cargo Tracking by the Tanzania Revenue Authority.

Borderless also has operations in Libya, Thailand, Central America and Singapore.


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