The Style Group of Nigeria takes to Instagram to boost sales

The Style Group, a contemporary lifestyle retail group in Nigeria, is leapfrogging the brick-and-mortar sales of fashion, accessories and design services and instead focuses on offering them via social media commerce channels. In Nigeria’s vibrant social media and e-commerce market, The Style Group’s model is already getting traction and reaching thousands of potential clients who are eager to shop online.

With great success and a 50% month-on-month sales increase achieved in the run-up to Valentine’s Day 2017, The Style Group is currently reaching out to international and local suppliers as well as brands using its platforms and services to target the Nigerian market.

At its core, The Style Group offers products and services directly via its Instagram platform on various broad accounts already reaching thousands of customers: for perfumes and beauty products, for weaves and other hair-products and dé for interior design products and services – and many more.

By working with an array of international and local partners, The Style Group can provide its Nigerian customers and followers with a selection they may not even have known they can have access to – right at their fingertips.

In total, the group runs 12 such platforms focused on the Nigerian market – the 7 general fashion and design brands (clothing), (shoes), (beauty), (hair),, (jewelry) and (interior design), as well as the 3 accessories brands (watches), (eyewear) and (bags). Additionally it has started the 2 thinkitstyleit- and shealoveafrica- pages verticalizing its platforms to styling ideas and services (thinkitstyleit) and an own brand for shea butter (shealoveafrica). More brands and services are in the making.

“We want to make it easier for Nigerians to be as stylish as they feel – and connect brands and suppliers with them right at their fingertips”, says Founder of The Style Group, Banke Ajagunna. “We are truly excited about the opportunities in the market – and we see its challenges as an opportunity to innovate and leapfrog.” 

The Style Group has been in operation in Nigeria since 2016. It sells local and international beauty products, brands and services that can often already be found in Nigeria, bringing products of Nigerian suppliers closer – and thereby boosting the Nigerian economy.

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