Tigo Tanzania clients can now subscribe to Halichachi bundles which do not expire

Tigo Tanzania has introduced a new data and voice bundle to meet its customers’ demand. The new bundle, dubbed, ‘Halichachi’ (Does not Expire), which just as the name suggests, come with no expiration date, thereby providing customers with freedom in communication.

Speaking at a press briefing today while announcing this new campaign, Tigo Brand Manager, William Mpinga said, “We are truly excited as a company to introduce a bundle that ensures our customers have autonomy on their bundle usage whereby package expiry will no longer be a challenge”.

(TOP: A screenshot of the Halichachi TVC. Photo: YouTube). 

“It is evident that the Tanzanian telecom market is evolving in which mobile communication services are increasingly purchased on a bundle basis”, said Mpinga. “We are launching the unique bundle with the confidence that it will be a perfect solution for our loyal customers”.

“This bundle comes into the market as part of an on-going innovative trend set to ensure that we maintain our focus in providing the best communication services to our customers. We believe this bundle is a clear indication that we are the first in delivering practical digital telecom solutions in Tanzania”.

The Halichachi packages are specially designed for those who enjoy unlimited time with their voice, SMS and data bundle subscriptions.


Below are the various Halichachi bundles:

The Halichachi bundle is the latest innovation from Tigo Tanzania, the others being the introduction of free WhatsApp, Swahili Facebook and YouTube that the telecom launched in 2016.

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