LG’s new refrigerator with side-by-side, door-in-door feature now on sale in Kenya

LG has launched its new mega-capacity side-by-side refrigerator with ‘Door-in-Door’ feature in the Kenyan market. The new set that boasts more than 668 liters of storage capacityis a premium tier refrigerator and more superior than the company’s previously designed side-by-side models.

The ‘Door-in-Door, mega-capacity refrigerator has shelves built into the first set of doors, which then open around a second set of doors, of the main fridge compartment.

(TOP: William Kamore, LG trainer East Africa explains the features of the new refrigerator with Door-In-Door feature during the launch).

Speaking during the launch, LG MD in charge of East and Central Africa business, Janghoon Chung, said that the new addition to the company’s consumer-centric home appliance’s portfolio is designed with features that increase efficiency as well as save energy.

“This new refrigerator is designed to offer convenience to our customers. Its impeccable design and unapparelled high energy efficiency makes it the best model in the Kenyan market thus far,” said Chung.

The refrigerator will be available in all leading supermarket and LG shopes country-wide.

“We are further making advancement in cutting-edge, innovative and intuitive technology across our wide spectrum of electronics, an attribute that has worked to place LG in a very favorable position as a market leader,” he added.

The new refrigerator is fitted with Inverter Linear Compressor that ensures maximum energy savings, LG’s unique space-saving frame and slim insulation technology to increase storage capacity, LG’s Nature FRESH system that works to keep foods fresher for longer periods. LG Fresh Balancer that maintains optimal humidity and temperature levels for specific food items, such as fruits and vegetables as well as Pure N Fresh that actively circulates purified air evenly throughout the refrigerator.

The new Door-In-Door fridge model also has a space that stops up to 41 per cent of cold air escaping each time the fridge is opened. It also has redesigned and increased Door-in-Door Compartment providing wider view of the contents stored inside.

Other compelling features include improved water and ice dispensing system and impeccable exterior design with an option of premium metal finish or a stunning black stainless steel that is both fingerprint and scratch resistant.


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