Mastercard takes up title sponsorship of CashlessAfrica Conference and Expo

Mastercard is the title sponsor of the 6th Edition of the CashlessAfrica Conference and Expo, an industry event organised by Mobile Money Africa and scheduled for March 22 to 23, 2017 at the Oriental Hotel, Lekki in Lagos, Nigeria.

The two-day event is a platform for technology companies, FinTech’s and other financial institutions to come together and share best practices in order to build a strong economy in Nigeria. The event looks at the importance of rethinking current models and gaining valuable market insight to introduce relevant digital payment solutions to the benefit of all people.

With over 85 percent of retail transactions still made in cash and cheques, the potential for digital payments to make a tangible difference is immense. This year, Omokehinde Adebanjo, VP and Area Business Head of West Africa at Mastercard, will participate as a keynote speaker to discuss matters impacting Nigeria and the broader continent and how partnerships will be critical to shifting economies beyond cash.

“Partnerships across multiple sectors and stakeholders is a fundamental component to ensuring cash is driven out of the system and that smart innovative, and financially inclusive, solutions are introduced,” said Adebanjo.

Principal Associate of Mobile Money Africa, Emmanuel Okoegwale said: “Our partnership with Mastercard is a demonstration of the technology company’s commitment to seeking better ways of promoting a cashless culture across here in Nigeria and globally.”

Okoegwale further stated that conference discussions will focus on carefully selected topics such as:

  • The digital bank and its evolution in a competitive market
  • The future of banking, money and payments in Africa
  • Disruptive technologies and their impact on financial services in Africa
  • Balancing regulation against innovation
  • Remittances in the digital age
  • Fintechs and Banks: Collaboration or Competition?
  • Protecting the customer in a digitized economy

While the conference serves as a platform to provide a deeper understanding if the evolving financial services ecosystem, Mastercard views it as an opportunity to build strong and mutually beneficial relationships with various stakeholders dedicated to developing a World Beyond Cash.


Industry thought leaders from over 40 countries are expected to gather and address “The future of finance” during the conference and expo. Digital disruption is shifting the balance stay of power in financial services and influencing the way, millions of people bank their money, make payments, remittances and more, in a continent where mobile phone penetration exceed bank accounts and bank cards ownership, combined.


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