Hacks/Hackers Nairobi meetup to celebrate women in tech and media

As a follow-up to the International Women’s Day marked on 8 March under the theme Be Bold for Change, Hacks/Hackers Nairobi is giving women in  tech and media an opportunity to share their experiences in fields that are often perceived as male-dominated.

This Wednesday, Hacks/Hackers Nairobi – a forum where journalists and techies meet on a monthly basis to discuss issues that affect their work – will host an evening event where women who have made a mark as trailblazers, mentors and actors in their fields of work will have an opportunity to share theire experiences.

“As more women take up leadership roles in technical and policy engagement, we need to reflect on the challenges and opportunities they are facing in the media and tech spaces. How can we create gender diversity? What training opportunities are there for women in tech? How can they identify mentors?  Are there individuals/organisations who can provide mentorship?,” states the event announcement, noting that the session will be an “inter-generational dialogue aimed at acknowledging women trailblazers, the challenges they have overcome and offer individual and collective actions we can take to improve women’s participation in tech endeavours.”

Below are the event details:

Celebrating Women in Trailblazers in the Tech Space

Date: Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Time: 6 – 8 pm

Venue:  Nairobi Garage, Piedmont Plaza, 4th Floor, Ngong Road

During the HHNBO Session, the panelists will share:

1.       Insights on their achievements/lessons learnt

2.      The challenges they have encountered and how they have overcome them

3.      Tips on how to make the tech and media spaces more inclusive for both women and men.


Dr Evangeline Chao – Computer Science Lecturer, Kenya Methodist University

Mercy Orangi – Developer Ecosystem Community Manager, Google

Rasna Warah – Columnist, Daily Nation

Pamela Makotsi – Managing Editor, The EastAfrican

Sarah Bakata – Editor, Nation Media Group (Moderator)

 To attend the session and participate in the conversation, sign up here.


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