Safaricom subscribers can from now save 35% on calls, SMS and data with FLEX bundles

Safaricom has launched a new bundle named ‘FLEX’ which allows customers to choose how they allocate airtime for calls, SMS or data services.

Currently, Safaricom customers purchase bundles or airtime in fixed amounts, which are mostly pre-determined.

Upon signing up for the new service, customers will be able to convert their regular Safaricom airtime into ‘FLEX’ units, which will they will be able to use to gain 35 per cent savings on calls, SMS or data. The new offering also allows ‘FLEX’ customers to earn loyalty points every time they send above Kshs 100 on M-PESA.

(TOP: Sylvia Mulinge – C – Safaricom’s Consumer Business Unit Director,  together with Pad Heaven Founder, Florence Kamaitha  – L – and Dapper Monkey Founder, Ian Arunga work at signing up for FLEX, a new bundled offering by Safaricom that will see consumers maximize on their phone subscriptions in regards to data, sms and calls).

“As part of our strategic objective of putting the customer first, we are designing and delivering products and services that meet the exact needs of our different customer segments. With ‘FLEX’, we are offering freedom and flexibility to our customers to navigate across our different products without restrictions,” said Bob Collymore, CEO, Safaricom.

Customers have three options when they sign up for FLEX – Daily FLEX for Kshs 99 offering 115 FLEX Units; Weekly FLEX for Kshs 599 offering 700 FLEX Units; and Monthly FLEX at Kshs 2,499 that is valid for 30 days and offers 3,100 FLEX Units.  Customers can roll over any unused FLEX units by renewing their existing FLEX bundles before expiry.

Each FLEX unit is worth 3MB of data, or a 20 seconds call, or three SMS. Customers with an active FLEX plan will earn 3 free FLEX units every time they send money on M-PESA (except for transactions that are below Kshs 100).

All Safaricom customers can access the FLEX proposition using the short code *100# for pre-paid customers and *200# for Postpaid customers or by visiting their nearest Safaricom outlet.


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