MYDAWA, a revolutionary e-health solution for prescription drugs, debuts in Kenya

MYDAWA which is considered to be a revolutionary Kenyan innovation in the e-health sector and Kenya’s first online store for prescription drugs was launched this week. It is an app meant to help you buy authentic prescription drugs and wellness products at a really affordable price and at no extra cost. The service – available as a mobile and web app –  is free of charge to use and charges no subscription fees nor transaction fees.

MYDAWA gives you access anytime, anywhere and saves you the hustle of traffic, moving from pharmacy to pharmacy comparing prices or experiencing stock outs. The customer will only have to wait for 4 hours for their order to be delivered.

(TOP: L-R- Neil O’Leary, CEO and chairman, MYDAWA; Pharmacy Poisons Board Deputy Director, Product Evaluation and Registration Directorate Dr Dominic Kariuki and Tonny Wood, MD, MYDAWA).

Neil O’Leary who is the founder of MYDAWA, is also the Chairman and CEO of Ion Equity. He has created and controlled businesses with a combined turnover of US $7 billion. Ion Equity is the firm that funded MYDAWA with an investment worth about US $5 million (just over Kshs 500 million). When asked why Kenya, O’Leary went ahead and pointed out that the reason he chose Kenya as the starting point is because Kenya’s reception to technology is one of the highest around the world.

One of the reasons Neil said he funded MYDAWA was to help digitalize the health services, adding that he believes it could revolutionize medicare provision and even went ahead to compare it to ‘Uber’.

“The other reason is to eliminate the problem of counterfeit drugs being sold which has some serious health consequences,” said O’Leary.

‘The app proves the vibrance of our health sector in this one-of-a kind innovation’, said Cleopa Mailu, the CS at the Ministry of Health.

“So far, MYDAWA has teamed up with over 100 pharmacies in Nairobi and hope to have spread throughout the other counties by the end of the year,” said Tom Wood, MD, MYDAWA. “This means that you can now order for your prescription online and it will be dropped off at your preferred pharmacy and you can go pick it anytime.”

The app has been described as a ‘Kenyan solution to a global problem’ and they plan to go global in their future.

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