Nakumatt to continue with digital transformation as Thiagarajan Ramamurthy exits

Regional supermarket chain Nakumatt Holdings has announced the continuation of its business operations and management enhancement programme as part of an ongoing corporate restructuring exercise.   

As part of this, the supermarket chain in mid 2016 contracted an IT consulting firm, Zensar, to spearhead its IT re-engineering process. The India-based IT firm has been charged with the responsibility of driving the retailer’s digital transformation including revenue assurance and e-commerce systems. 

The Nakumatt transformation bid will seek to harness the existing retail market potential in East Africa and beyond. “At less than 18% retail penetration in East Africa, the market opportunity is wide open for Nakumatt, to double or even triple its market share with renewed corporate energy and vigour,” stated Atul Shah, Nakumatt Holdings MD. 

Zensar’s mandate involves the development and implementation of an enhanced customer experience solution and eCommerce in the Magento space in sub-Sahara Africa for Nakumatt in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda.
The IT firm has been partnering with Nakumatt since 2013, helping the retail chain stabilize and modernize key operations like warehouse, support etc. Some of the key elements, in the digital transformation project include mobility, mobile apps, digital tools and implementation of insights from Zensar’s Social Command Centre.
The partnership has seen Zensar helped Nakumatt to automate and streamline its processes through IT while also being involved in various projects like Application server upgrade, Oracle Retail & finance modules upgrade, implementation of the store inventory module and a multi-country merchandize system rollout over the past couple of years.
As part of the management enhancement programme, meant to boost the firm’s C-suite and regional operations management in order to improve boost efficiency and accelerate cost cutting efforts, Thiagarajan Ramamurthy, Nakumatt‘s Regional Operations and Strategy Director has left the company. Andrew Dixon, the recently appointed CMO, assisted by the Regional Chief Officers, has assumed duties previously undertaken by Ramamurthy.


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