Equitel, Telkom Kenya users decline while Safaricom, Airtel Kenya clients increase – CA report

Equitel and Telkom Kenya reported a decrease in the number of their subscribers while Safaricom and Airtel Kenya experienced an increase in the number of users according to the latest report from the telcoms iundustry regulator Communications Commission of Kenya (CA).

The latest report, covering the period between October to December 2016, states that Safaricom recorded the highest number of mobile subscriptions as at December 31, 2016, gaining 2.2 per centage points of the market share to stand at 71.2 per cent up from 69.0 per cent posted last quarter.

(TOP: Mobile subscribers making calls on their phones. Photo: Irish Times). 

Airtel Kenya nominally gained 0.1 per centage point market share to record 17.6 per cent during the period under review up from 17.5 per cent market share recorded in the previous quarter.

However, Telkom Kenya lost 0.2 per centage points to reach 7.4 per cent market share from last quarter’s performance of 7.6 per cent while Equitel also lost 2.1 per centage points of market share during the quarter under review to stand at 3.8 per cent, with Equitel’s loss being attributed to the revision of data by the telco during the quarter under review. The market share for Sema Mobile Services remained below 0.0 per cent.

During the period, 96.4 per cent of the mobile subscriptions were pre-paid compared to 96.5 per cent recorded in the last quarter while the number of post-paid stood at 3.6 per cent subscriptions.

Safaricom’s total number of subscriptions grew by 4.2 per cent to stand at 27.7 million subscriptions up from 26.6 million subscriptions registered during the previous quarter. The firm gained 4.1 per cent and 7.0 per cent pre-paid and post-paid mobile subscriptions respectively.

Airtel Kenya experienced an increase in the number of pre-paid subscriptions by 1.4 per cent to stand at 6.7 million subscriptions up from 6.6 million subscriptions posted during the last quarter. However, its post-paid subscriptions declined by 6.6 per cent to record 137,664 subscriptions down from 147,359 subscriptions reported in the preceding quarter. The firm’s total mobile subscriptions stood at 6.8 million which marked an increase of 1.2 per cent from the previous quarter.

Telkom Kenya experienced a marginal decline in the number of pre-paid subscriptions by 0.3 per cent to post 2.88 million subscriptions down from 2.89 million subscriptions recorded in the previous quarter. However, its post-paid mobile subscriptions grew by 5.3 per cent to stand at 8,871 up from 8,424 subscriptions recorded in the previous quarter. The total subscriptions were registered at 2.8 million down from 2.9 million subscriptions reported during the previous quarter.

Equitel registered a total of 1.4 million mobile subscriptions down from 2.2 million subscriptions posted in the previous quarter translating to a decline of 34.5 per cent. This was as a result of revision of data by the operator.

Sema Mobile Services stood at 270 subscriptions during the quarter under review up from 266  subscriptions recorded in the previous quarter.

The report indicates that the number of internet users has increased significantly in the three months to December, driven by affordable smartphones and data bundles, recording a growth of 4.3 per cent to stand at 39.6 million compared to 37.7 million users recorded during the preceding quarter. The country’s internet penetration rate currently stands at 89.7 per cent up from 85.3 per cent during the previous quarter.

Mobile data subscriptions rose by 3.9 per cent and accounts for majority of the subscriptions standing at 26.5 million subscriptions, according to the report.

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