Selfie tips to capture your special moments

Most of the time, people are obliged to take vast series of selfies, since many pictures turn out to be disappointing, and nothing like anticipated. This may create awkward moments where people in the shots have to repeat saying “cheese”, hold a certain pose or hand sign for the fourth, fifth or sixth time.

It might also mean losing the celebrity or friend who was in a rush and couldn’t wait until you got the picture you wanted.

There is also the case where we tend to look at ourselves in the shot rather than everybody else in it, leading to a situation where one is satisfied whilst another solicits a retake.

Other common problems include images that may turn out blurry due to movement or someone partially cut out of the shot.

Whether we love or hate them, selfies have become the biggest photography trend in recent years. Traipsing through social media, one witnesses the portraits posted by everyone, young and old. As beautiful as moments can be, many undeniably horrible selfies make their way to social media.

Here are some tips we believe will give you a better selfie quality.

Ignore the camera

Yes, it sounds like a cliché, but it really works. You may have encountered this when a photographer tells you to relax, to be yourself. Though there are a lot of surprisingly good posers, people you take pictures of are not models and wouldn’t automatically start posing for the camera. Standing back and just observing what’s going on around you, or acting naturally, may end up giving the best selfie results.

Location, location, location

A successful selfie is not all about your face. It’s also about what’s going on behind it. With this in mind, when shooting selfies at an event, make sure you’re standing within eyeshot of a landmark or picturesque scene. This could be a dramatic view, a sunset, your fabulous accommodations or an iconic piece of architecture.

Crop the picture in creative ways

It turned out we’ve been cropping our selfies and pictures of other people all wrong, according to professional photographers. Rather than centralizing our subject, try cropping faces right down, and setting them at the side of a photo.

Don’t always stick to a basic aspect ratio either. Play around with the sizes. Slice the very top of people’s heads off, which surprisingly might end up looking superb. Cut off backs of heads or shoulders and minimize background detail. This brings the subject of the photo into better view. It’s a simple, yet incredibly effective trick, to learn. It can transform an ordinary selfie into one worthy of a professional.

Don’t be shy

Many people probably don’t consider themselves photogenic. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t be photographed well. It’s not always about the subject: it’s about taking the right picture in the right way, in the right environment, and then using the tools available to creatively compose an attractive final image. You may end up being genuinely surprised and very pleased with the final result.

Get with the tech

The smartphone you’re using to take the selfie, as well as the apps that edit the pictures you take, are actually very essential for the quality of your selfie. With heavy competition amongst smartphones these days, one of the major battlegrounds has been camera and picture quality. These competitions have led to several innovations and partnerships between camera manufacturers and smartphone giants.

One of these partnerships is that between the legendary German camera firm Leica and cutting-edge Chinese phone maker HUAWEI. The Leica brand was introduced on the HUAWEI P9, which featured a Leica co-branded camera on a smartphone. They were later refined for the HUAWEI Mate 9, and then refined again for the P10 and P10 Plus. These HUAWEI smartphones have marveled the world with the quality of pictures they take.


Feel free to make that sky look bluer or tone down the makeup on the bride’s face if it makes you feel better – though the smartphones mentioned above have extremely good photo editors, you could also download apps like Photo Effects Pro, Photo Editor Pro, Bonfire Photo Editor or Cupslice Photo Editor.

Get the light right

Never take a photo against the sun unless you’re attempting an arty shadow shot – and that definitely isn’t what we’re aiming at here. If the sun is too bright in your eyes when you stand to face it, put on your sunglasses.

Experiment with angles

Don’t just show your ‘best side’ – take some time to perfect your selfie and add interest by trying out some experimental angles. Holding the camera above your head, for example, will make your eyes look larger, while sideways angles will make your face appear less flat.

Say cheese!

Last but not least, while it may be a bit of a selfie stereotype, nobody likes a duck face. Selfies are all about fun, and the last thing you want is for your friends to think you’re taking this business seriously (OK, you’ve read an article about it, so obviously you are taking it seriously). So smile at the camera. Perhaps add a thumbs-up, two fingers for peace or ‘bunny ears’ and look like you’re having fun!

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