Dr. Hub portal seeks to enable healthcare professionals interact easily with patients

Until recent years, the medical field has been largely unaffected by the rapid pace of technological innovations that is characteristic of the digital age. However, this is changing as technology is now beginning to extend into the medical field.

With advances in medical technology, physicians are now able to gather more information, as well as better and more specific data.

In Kenya, an electronic solution aims to be part of this digital innovation in the healthcare sector. Known as Dr. Hub, the end-to-end electronic healthcare software solution creates a seamless flow of information between all parties involved in the patient’s care.

According to Ikiara Nguta, the CEO and founder of Dr. Hub, with healthcare being a complex ecosystem, they created Dr. Hub as a technology solution to make long processes short, tasks that looked difficult easier, and what seemed very expensive affordable.

“A wide variety of digital innovations are revolutionizing the healthcare sector, and these technologies are here to stay. These technologies are impacting the delivery of healthcare across the world, hence making the delivery of these services easier,” Nguta says.

Dr. Hub uses three integrated modules designed to meet the needs of the clinician, the health facility and the patient. The modules include DRHub EHS, a customizable Electronics Health Records System that empowers doctors to manage their facility electronically. It helps clinicians to store patient’s data electronically and define their clinical workflows and treatment plans to enhance patient outcomes.

Included functions are patient queuing, Patient Charting, prescriptions, Labs and Imaging, Calendars and Appointments. Besides that, it has a finance module that makes it easy for clinicians to manage their revenue and insurance claims. Clinicians can customize Dr. Hub according to their own unique workflow.

The Dr. Hub patient’s portal on the software gives patients access to their health records anytime, enables them to consolidate their health data from wearable devices and mobile apps, see key health information recorded during their visits, including; Future appointments, Recent lab orders, Medications, diagnoses and more. Unlike the old days where it was hard for patients to access their health data from their doctors, DrHub allows clinicians to send you your health records electronically on demand through your unique patients’ portal.

With a Dr Hub patient portal account, patients with non-communicable diseases like hypertension, diabetes and cancer can be monitored while away from the hospital and this would have great impact on their health.

The Dr. Hub appointments portal on the other hand enables a physician to get online scheduling, appointments management, online provider profile, patient surveys and front office tools to help build his/her brand and connect with patients. We make it easy for patients to find you, choose you, promote you, and communicate with you.

Dr Hub aims to improve the ability of medical professionals to diagnose and treat health issues of all kinds.

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